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Brit Empire Launches Psyop against Baniyas Syria, Engages in Piracy

Pollution reached Jableh shores from Baniyas oil pipeline sabotage

In a shameless attempt to keep a lid on reporting of the sabotage of undersea pipelines at Baniyas Marine Terminal, 22 June, the Brit Empire has launched an obscene psyop against Syria, against Syria’s refinery, against Syria having oil, and to whip up support for the economic terrorism by the colonial west against this sovereign country. According to the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea, this empire has also engaged in piracy.

The sabotage of the Mediterranean pipelines from ships into Baniyas Refinery would have been an ecological disaster, had it not been discovered almost immediately. Nonetheless, it received a burp of reporting in NATO-dominated media. There has been even less reporting on the traveling of the oil pollution and on Syria’s solo clean up.

Nonetheless, even the scant reports seem to be too much, forcing the British Empire to engage in more rancid psyops in a ‘bathetic‘ attempt to divert any concern from the highly skilled act of terror against Baniyas and the environment. 

The hysterical psyop began early Thursday, with breathless British media on dozens of its royal marines embarking on a ship “thought to be going to Baniyas refinery” and “thought to be breaching [illicit] EU sanctions” against the Baniyas refinery, upon being called upon by Gibraltar.

Pimping the bathos, a Gibraltar minister thanked the “brave men and women” of these British marines, as though they had risked their lives entering and seizing a ship in Gibraltar (British) seas; the Grace 1 is a legally registered ship abiding by maritime laws — not an ”NGO” ship whose renegade captain had rammed Gibraltar’s maritime police.


Unlike the 22 June professional attack on the Baniyas Refinery undersea pipelines — that could have resulted in ecological devastation — ignored by the media of NATO countries, news of this fabricated hostility against Syria and Iran is being viralized.


The criminal arrogance of the queen’s Gibraltar minister falls within the realm of flagrant flaunting of law, and the double standards of the most malignant “might makes right” bully: While this hypocritical prig brayed about ”EU sanctions” against the Bayinas Refinery, he ignored the fact that without a UN resolution, there can be no sanctions, only illicit unilateral coercive economic terrorism. He also ignored the many breaches of illicit “sanctions” by EU members; Germany, France, and Bulgaria all admitted to sending weapons to terrorists in Syria, and with impunity.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry almost immediately summoned the British empire’s ambassador in Tehran, demanding the release of its tanker, pirated by the illicit royal marines, who breached International Law, the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea, and even the 1713 Utrecht Treaty — a trifecta of criminality.

Article 19 of the UN charter is clear on the meaning of “innocent passage,” clearly not breached even by the obnoxious statement of the obnoxious Gibraltar minister. Article VIII of the Utrecht Treaty states that the “free use of navigation,” “the exercise of navigation and commerce to the Spanish West Indies should remain in the same state” as it was prior to the signing and that this agreement on the sea of Gibraltar included “inviolable faith, and in a manner never to be broken.”


By sheer, fantastic, coincidence, a mere two days before the UK-Gibraltar act of piracy against the tanker headed to Baniyas, the NYT ran an anti-Iran propaganda piece, in which it presented to its audience a newcomer — co-founder of a corporation that reports tracking tankers via satellite — addition to subtle agiprop.

As of this writing, Trump and his State Department have been silent on this piracy; only the neocon’s neocon, John Bolton has cheered this flagrant disregard for the law. His vicious sadistic glee is worsened by noting that illegal US troops in Syria have assisted terrorists in occupying Syrian oil fields.

This is what is “illicit.”

Vicious geopolitical irony: Bolton celebrates the US Independence Day giddy over criminal acts by the same British empire against whom US founders fought.

A judge of the Brit empire’s Gibraltar colony has decreed that the empire’s pirates are permitted to keep the Grace 1 tanker until at least 19 July.


It will be interesting to see if the P3 mafiosi — UK, US, France — running the UN, permit any discussion of Britain’s breach of UN Charter in its act of piracy, in the coming days.

As of 4 July, this bastion of ‘world security‘ was still silent over the terror attack against the Baniyas pipelines.


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  1. Miri

    Iranian Deputy FM Araqchi announced that Grace1’s destination was not Baniyas, making the Brit piracy & psyop more malignant.


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