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BREAKING: The USA Killed Iranian IRGC Commander Qasem Soleimani

Iranian IRGC Qasem Soleimani Quds Brigades and Iraq PMU Hashd Dy Commander Muhandess Killed by Trump

The Pentagon confirmed the United States of America’s responsibility of killing the legendary IRGC Quds Brigade commander Qasem Soleimani in a drone attack near Baghdad Airport.

The Pentagon’s statement didn’t elaborate on the cost on the US itself and its interests in the region, and maybe beyond. It just declared war on 3 countries officially after years of trying to hide behind the consumed slogan of ‘fighting terror’, moving from it to ‘Fighting for Terror’.

Qasem Soleimani was a Major General in the Iranian Army, in case the Pentagon’s officials didn’t know.

The former head of the IRGC and currently the top security adviser in Iran issued a statement vowing to avenge the killing of the Iranian top general. Qasem Soleimani was the legendary fighter on the ground who defeated ISIS and other al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and defended Iran itself and the rest of the world from the growing terrorist forces.

The assassination also killed the Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Security Forces – PMU Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

IRGC Commander Major General Hussein Salami, just a day earlier, warned the USA from crossing any red line in its aggression in the region, seems they did because they wanted to escalate the region towards a regional war.

Obviously, the US President instead of ‘draining the swamp’ he drained the US establishment of any sane thinkers and decision-makers by submitting completely to the Zionist lobby, even someone like George W. Bush or Barak Obama, the guy who dropped tens of thousands of bombs on civilians, wouldn’t carry out such insane assassination, especially with tens of thousands of US troops are within the firing range of the Iranian IRGC-Quds Brigades, and the Iraqi PMU as well.

Whatever excuse the US had is no longer worthy of reading, out of our direct experience in the region, the US should be very worried of the consequences and remain on ultra-high alert until Iran officially says they concluded avenging this killing if they’ll ever ‘conclude’.

What we can confirm is this will be the most costly operation the US ever carried out anywhere in the world: by the cost of money, interests, maybe even personnel, and maybe further, but for sure the response will be much bigger than what the US can afford, that includes its satellite entities depending on its protection.

From the decades-long history of resistance and the people of the region, whenever a commander is killed, the subordinates become more hot-headed and seek revenge. This was demonstrated clearly when the US and its stooges killed the Syrian Minister of Defense Abdallah Rajha in 2012 and a number of top security and army generals and instantly al-Qaeda terrorists were given the green light to storm Damascus from a number of axes. The Syrian Arab Army, instead of collapsing, turned the tide in the opposite direction and secured the Syrian capital moving from one victory to another.

The only strategic outcome of this assassination is seeing the US forces out of Iraq, sooner than thought before, opposite to the hopes of who carried out this operation.

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  1. TheTruth

    The U.S. and its proxies are feeling emboldened because they know that Russia and China will do nothing to safeguard Iran. They also feel confident that Iraq has been a total Western puppet since NATO’s invasion in 2003, just as Afghanistan has been since the fall of Mohammad Najibullah in 1992, which precipitated the rise of the Western-backed mujahideen, including al-Qaida and the Taliban. “Divide and rule.”

    Furthermore, the U.S. and its proxies sense that the Supreme Leader of Iran and the IRGC have been ineffectual in terms of influencing Iranian domestic and international politics, which have been dominated by pro-Western reformists such as Rouhani, Zarif, and others. Even while these reformists forced Iran to follow the JCPOA, adopt neoliberal privatisation policies, etc., the Supreme Leader and IRGC stayed on the sidelines.

    My confidential sources and background knowledge tell me that the U.S. and its proxies have long been preparing to wage a nuclear war against Iran, Russia, and China. The U.S. and Israel will coordinate nuclear strikes and bioweapon attacks against Iran, with the full financial backing of the Wahhabi–Salafi regimes in the Persian Gulf, along with the EU and NATO puppets. The current administration believes Iran is weak.


    “TRUMP and NETANYAHU- Dumb FLEAS on the backs of the “DOGS of WAR, led by “lead dog” the House of ROTHSCHILD…….and I am being nice by this statement”

    The SOLUTION for IRAN is to take out the House of Rothschild

    THAT ACT alone will scare the rest of the Warmongering Supremacist Psychopath GANGTERS , but not limited to the House of Windsor and the Vatican JESUITS into submission because they will then realize they are not so “Supremacist” after all. And here is some GOOD NEWS…………..
    ………ERDOGAN of TURKEY transfers the Original Land Claim Documents to Palestinians to PROVE their REAL land claims and destroy ISRAEL’S FALSE CLAIMS:

    Wonderful.Your days are numbered, Zionist ASHKENAZI Jews, as I have said on a few occasions in the recent past to those in my email contact list

    Erdogan is always full of surprises :-)

  3. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    This is very true – Iran is weak. Whatever one seats on two chairs will fall eventually. Rothschild’s footprint in Iran is significant – so Iran is prepped for slaughter.

  4. Stefan Heuer

    I send my deepest condolence to the family of General Solemani and to the iranian leadership and the rgeat iranian people.
    Once again, Trump has proven himself the killer he is to all people who want to realise it. The rest – 90 percent of the people in the west, is invalid scum. The west is terroristic to the bone, it violates the basic standards of international law every day. Everyone with a sane mind, even us westenrers, can see the facts. Only the mindless sheep and the arrogant people whocare for nothing but their comfort, would denounce the plainsimple truth. The west will fall, this is for sure.

  5. Eduardo Cohen

    I think nuclear strikes against Russia, Iran and China are unlikely. First, China demonstrated years ago that it has developed the capacity to shoot down satellites – even in high earth orbit I believe. That makes the use of ICBMs very tricky and dangerous. And without GPS satellites operating, many of the Wests weapons systems will be blind.That kind of conflict would almost certainly leave access to the Persian Gulf blocked. So I think its unlikely. But then many would have said the same thing about Trump becoming president of the US and putting so many psychopaths in positions of power. But I think there are too little in the way of guarantees that the initiators would survive.Too many stealthy, nuclear ICBM carrying submarines circling the oceans under the thermocline.


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