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BREAKING: Syrian Arab Army Liberates Qussayr

Breaking news: The Syrian Arab Army enters the northern neighborhood of Al-Qussayr city after the remnants of the terrorists flee from the city and SAA units raise the Syrian flag over the center of the city.

Syrian Arab Army Engineering Units meanwhile combs the city for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and booby traps left everywhere. The swift advance comes after more than 245 terrorists surrendered yesterday night to the SAA.

Syrian flag raised high on the center of the city
Syrian flag raised high on the Clock Tower in the center of the city

We congratulate the free world for the amazing achievement by the Syrian Arab Army the pride of the humans living on the planet.

The liberation of Al-Qussayr is a huge slap on the face of NATO member states and their stooges disguising as ‘Friends of Syria’. Next, the SAA will move against Rastan, Aleppo northern countryside, Raqqa, Douma in Damascus countryside and what’s left in Daraa. North east of Syria in Hassakah province are loyal to the Syrian state and there won’t be any fight there.

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