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Breaking: SAA Secures Damascus Completely from Terror

image-Syrian Arab Army SAA - damascus

The Syrian Arab Army declared the city of Damascus completely secure after cleaning the last pocket of ISIS in Hajr al-Aswad south of the Syrian capital. 

ISIS, the NATO-sponsored terrorist organization in Hajr al-Aswad district in southern Damascus fought until the end and kept killing civilians in the capital by their indiscriminate shelling with the latest 24 hours ago.

This is the completion of the biggest achievement yet in cleaning and securing the Syrian capital from terrorists in Eastern Ghouta including Douma, Harasta, Western Ghouta including Yalda, Babbila, and Beit Sahm, and south of Damascus starting with Darayya and now Yarmouk Camp and Hajar al-Aswad (Blackstone City as Damascus residents used to nickname it).

The Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces paid a very hefty price to secure the oldest continuous city in the world and its 6 million residents from all sorts of terrorist groups from ISIS, Nusra Front, Hamas affiliated Jund Aqsa, Jaysh al-Islam, Faylaq Rahman, and all other branches of the defunct FSA ‘Free from Syrians Army’.

NATO and its regional stooges invested heavily in these terrorist organization, and the SAA moving swiftly from its operations in northwest Idlib to Eastern Ghouta to block the US attempt to move tens of thousands of its mercenary forces (up to 30,000 of them) from al-Tanf border crossing to invade the capital with the help of 60,000 other terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, thus saving the country and the whole world from a new hub for producing terror and instability.

Topped with securing the Syrian capital from the ground, the Syrian Arab Army also secured to a very large extent Damascus from air attacks by the terrorists’ sponsors themselves: USA, UK, France, and Israel.

Congratulations to each human on our planet, special congratulations to the brave and honest people of Damascus who sustained a lot of suffering and sacrifices during the past 7 years, and congratulations to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army from the newest conscript soldier to the General Commander of the Army Dr. Bashar al-Assad for this victory. A special thank to the honest selfless parties who came to support the Syrian people in their fight to defend themselves and humanity from these mercenary terrorists.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    I congratulate the glorious Syrian Arab Army to what she did achieve yet. Her successes are tremendous. The sacrifices of her soldiers ar incredible. The SyrianArab Army stands for all mankind in any possible positive meaning. Glod bless you, soldiers of the SAA. I salute you, sincerely from my heart.


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