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breaking news update feb 12 2013

Hasaka: two Syrian soldiers have been martyred by two car bombs near the entrance of al-Shdadi city.
February 12, 2013   1:00 PM
Damascus countryside: Syrian Army kills insurgents, including the leader Yasser Turkmany during military operations in Duma and Harasta.
February 12, 2013   12:41 PM
Damascus countryside: Syrian Army operations take place in Erbeen and Zamalka towns resulting the death of 50 armed men, including Mamoun al-Maghrebi.
February 12, 2013   12:39 PM
Daraa: Syrian Army kills the leader Alaa al-Zu’bi and other gunmen during clashes in al-Sfera town.
February 12, 2013   12:03 PM
Edlib: 20 armed men have been killed by Syrian Army near Conserves factory and confiscation shoulder missiles
February 12, 2013   9:59 AM

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