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Breaking: Karma Hits Turkey’s Gas Pipeline


Let’s step away from conspiracy theory for a second.. ok, back: Karma is assh*le. She used to be b*tch but since ISIS and their sponsors the Muslim Brotherhood ruling Turkey (Erdogan regime aka Erdoganstan) cover women so she changed sex, her new names is ‘Karma Jenner’, and now emerges as a striking force in the region.


Iranian media reported an attack on a gas pipeline that feeds Turkey with discounted gas prices has been blown up, the Iranian media report assumed the attack was carried out by PKK, a Kurdish grassroots resisting movement by the Turkish Kurds who decided not to die throughout a 40 years ongoing Turkish slaughter, which we can also call it Genocide.

Turkey’s continuous regimes’ policies actively and non-stopping genocides against own people and neighboring countries has created a sense of ‘desire to live’ by the oppressed and one of them has developed a desire to have their own country Kurdistan to be carved out of the regional countries when they got the support from Israel.

Why we recall Karma? Well, one of the main targets of terrorists in Syria sponsored by Turkey which in turn is financed by both Russia and weird enough by Iran, Syria’s presumably closest allies, one of the main targets of these terrorists was gas and oil pipelines in Syria and since the very early days of the Syrian crisis, with the latest such attack as recent as few days ago neAR Damascus. A report compiled (Click here) incrimate with overwhelming evidence CNN, the US news station with terrorists sponsored by Turkey in blowing up a gas pipeline in Baba Amro, Homs more than 3 years ago.


The incident, although is reportedly ‘under control’, presents a serious indication where the Turkey’s confrontation with its own people is heading, and would have a measurable impact on one of Turkey’s main sources of income after Iran and Russia and after illegal human organ trading: Tourism.

The same Iranian report states: “Iran is Turkey’s second biggest gas supplier after Russia.” In other words can we say: Your enemy’s friends are your enemies..?!

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