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Breaking: Explosion in a Damascus Suburb – Residents

Damascus Explosion - SAA - Syrian Arab Army - Syria

A sound of an explosion was heard in most of the neighborhoods in the Syrian capital around 5:20 pm Saturday, June 15, 2019, Damascus local time, many residents spoke of a moderate size explosion.

Some residents said they heard a second explosion minutes after the first one, this is still unconfirmed.

Syrian media including the Syrian official news agency SANA and some Syrian TV stations reported the explosion as well without further details.

I was live tweeting the story as I was on the phone with some of my relatives who live not far from the explosion site.

Within half an hour a military source stated the following to the media: “An ammunition depot belonging to the Syrian Arab Army located to the west of Damascus exploded”. State TV further quoted the military source saying: “The cause of the explosion was from approaching fire in nearby dry plants.”

The Syrian Arab Army’s is conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the explosion, as per SANA.

Syrians are accustomed to sounds of explosions from time to time, previously during the times when US-sponsored terrorists infested many cities they would launch missile attacks against residential neighborhoods and markets inside nearby cities, also would send suicide bombers and detonate booby-trapped vehicles mainly parked next to schools, mosques and churches and other crowded areas.

Later on, after cleaning most of Syria from these criminals, the Syrian Arab Army’s Engineering Corps would carry out series of explosions to get rid of landmines, IEDs (Improvised Explosion Devices), weapons and munitions left behind by the terrorists, most of which will be found after thoroughly combing the areas cleaned from the terrorists as they’d hide it to cause maximum killings and maiming of the civilians returning to their homes. However, the SAA’s Engineering Corps would issue a statement prior to the explosions it carries out to warn the citizens, not the case with this latest one.

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