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Breaking: Emboldened alQaeda Massacres 6 in Aleppo

Emboldened alQaeda launched new terror attacks 14 July, slaughtering 6 civilians in Aleppo.

AlQaeda terrorists fired several rockets into the neighborhoods of Minian and New Aleppo in Aleppo city, at around 1930 Damascus time, Sunday 13 July. Six civilians were massacred and another 9 were injured. The deadly rockets were fired from western Aleppo countryside and Idlib governate. Nusra/HTS is the dominant sect of alQaeda in these regions and they are run through the de-escalation guarantor, Erdogan’s Turkey.

Earlier Sunday, a little girl was injure by a rocket fired by a likely moderate, into the al Qaser al Baladi neighborhood.


It is not improbable that today’s atrocities against civilians in Aleppo were a deviant celebration of the recent anti-Syria propaganda piece in western media; the savages are frequently emboldened to new levels of slaughter, when pimped by western media or politicians (the slaughter on 9 July was directed against Syria’s soldiers. Nine members of the SAA were ambushed, murdered, and one’s corpse was mutilated.).

This grizzly photo was posted to Twitter by someone who claims to be a member of the White Helmets. We have cropped out his name:

The criminally insane among the White Helmets have returned to flaunting their butchery & necrophilia. A pregnant woman blown up by a bomb does not then give birth to an intact stillborn. #WhiteHelmets, indeed.

Another contributing factor leading to Sunday’s murders by rockets might be to try to kill the joy of the “For You, Aleppo” six day exposition celebrating the contributions to the revitalization of the city. Food, jewelry, clothing and perfumes are among the goods offered at this festival.

The criminally insane degenerates of alQaeda hate happiness.

It is of no matter what the displeases these savages, nor their western masters.


Syria’s President, Dr. Bashar al Assad,

Miri Wood

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