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Bloody Infighting between Erdogan’s Terrorist Groups in Ras Al Ain

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Terrorists from two factions loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan were engaged in a bloody fight in between them in the northern city of Ras Al Ain.

The two factions are called: ‘Hamzat Group’ and the ‘Sultan Murad Brigade’ and their battles erupted when the ‘Brigade’ tried to enter Ras Al Ain Gate, Hasakah Province, northeast of Syria, in order to take over the city from their brethren.

The clashes were, as usual, over territory control and bounties split, very un-Islamic and very much similar to their main master Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ideology.

The video is also available on BitChute.

At least one woman and a child of the terrorists’ families were killed in addition to an injury of a civilian in the city and an unknown number of terrorists were terminated in these clashes.

Soon enough NATO’s top leader Recep Erdogan sent his cannon fodders of the Turkish Army to mediate between his terrorist groups. NATO’s strongest man Erdogan maintains large numbers of these terrorists in different groups to keep control over them, and to use them in other fronts like in Libya and Yemen, his latest adventure. Despite the opposition from France, Erdogan managed to deliver a strong slap to the French Navy and the French plans for colonizing Libya, where Erdogan is pushing for the absolute Israeli project instead of sharing the spoils of Libya among NATO countries.

These clashes damaged the main power line feeding the Alouk water station which resulted in cutting off the water for over one million civilians in the city of Hasakah and its countryside, northeast of Syria, another war crime by all standards and the preferred weapon for NATO’s second-largest army the Turkish Army against the Syrian residents of that region.

We’re waiting for further updates from the city, Erdogan forces have blocked it completely since yesterday evening amidst a state of fear and panic among the civilians, the terrorists used all of their NATO-provided weapons in their skirmish.

Fratricides are very common among NATO-sponsored terrorist groups in Syria, nothing can satisfy the warlords even if they have to attack their own colleagues in crimes. Erdogan and his sponsors use these clashes as their justification to claim they’re not in control of the terrorist attacks carried out by these groups and the Syrian people are the only real victims of all this US-led War of Terror against Syria.

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