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Biden Steals More Syrian Oil Loaded on Dozens of Tankers

US army stealing Syrian oil

Biden forces illegally operating in northern Syria shipped another convoy of oil tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil from the Syrian Jazira region (Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa) and smuggled them into Iraq.

Local sources told the Syrian news agency, Sana, that a convoy of 60 vehicles most of which are loaded with stolen Syrian oil in addition to lorries carrying military gears for the Biden forces were seen leaving Hasakah countryside in northeastern Syria and heading toward Iraq through the illegal border crossing of Al Walid.

This latest theft by the ‘inclusive and diverse’ junta of the world’s superpower follows last Tuesday’s convoy of 31 vehicles some of which were tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil and were smuggled into Iraq through the same Al Walid illegal border crossing.

Both convoys were escorted by US army armored vehicles.

The USA is not in need of the little quantities it steals of the Syrian oil, by the time these tankers reach the EU territories, the tankers themselves would consume a good volume of fuel of what they’re carrying, could be some shadowy business run by any of the crime families of Biden, the Clintons, the Pelosis or some of their aides, we’re not sure, the Turkish madman Erdogan through his partnership with the Turkish mafia were selling the stolen Syrian oil to Israel and giving some of it to the terrorist groups he sponsors in Syria, Biden forces could be doing the same as well.

Whatever the destination of the stolen Syrian oil is, the main losers are the Syrian people who are facing severe shortages in fuel desperately needed to bake their bread, heat their homes, work on their farmlands, and move around in their daily lives. It’s the same evil US policy of collectively punishing the Syrian people topped with crippling sanctions and blockade by the USA and its European and regional stooges in order to push them to riot against their own government and effect a regime change, they failed so far in Syria despite all the terror the US has sponsored and its direct aggression and war crimes committed against the Syrian people in the past 11.5 years.

Breaching Syria’s sovereignty is fine for the globalists spearheaded by the NATO ‘defensive alliance’, God forbid it’s Ukraine or the Chinese province of Taiwan, then they’ll start flooding the world’s stages with their crocodile tears.

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1 Comment

  1. Huda Hajjar

    Evil thieves steal everything they can.. soon they’ll be packed in the body bags and what they stole won’t benefit them.


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