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Biden Regime’s SDF Open Fire on Civilians, More Landmine Murders

Protests against US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northern Syria - archive

The Biden regime’s SDF separatist terrorists opened fire on a crowd of Syrian civilians, and a man and a child were killed in two more landmine murders, on 12 September.

The SDF used to be the YPG, but was rebranded, massively armed, and assisted by an international gang of NATO wetworkers under the Obama regime, so the US would not have to remove it from its terrorist list. During the Trump regime term, American illegals in military garb were brought into Syria, to provide the terrorist/separatist ethnic cleansers with back up.

The US demanded the separatist armed Kurds change their name.

Syrian civilians in al Sabha village of Deir Ezzor held a demonstration against the US owned, the US taxpayer-funded terror gang, when the cowardly thieves and killers opened live fire to disperse them. There were several injuries, though no fatalities were reported.

There also has been no report in NATO stenography media, as that gang of war pimps loves armed insurrectionists in other people’s countries.

A 17 year old boy was murdered in the farm land of al-Saboura in the Salamiyah region of Hama governate. Retreating terrorists — armed with US tax dollars — are notorious for burying explosives in agricultural land, because torching farms to starve Syrians, is not sufficiently atrocious.

As reading is not the same as seeing, we include a video of a farmland set aflame by NATO terrorists.

In the nearby village of Abu al-Fashafish, a 10 year old girl was critically injured by a cluster bomb left behind by the degenerate terrorists that overpaid NATO politicians and overpaid NATO diplomats frequently hail as supporters of democracy, yearning to breathe freely.

This child’s wounds were impossible to treat; Dr. Osama Milhem, Director of Salamiya Hospital, told SANA she succumbed soon after her admission.

The UN Mine Action Service Director, Agnes Marcaillou, remains useless in helping Syria clear mines; UNMAS will probably give her a raise soon (though the UN frequently cries poor mouth when it comes to the plight of refugees, that the NATO junta at the phony bastion of peace and security has forced into existence).

Marcaillou's census was so impressive, she probably could have written the Book of Numbers.
UN Mine Action Service Director Agnes Marcaillou keeps excellent statistics on death and dismemberment.

This writer continues to urge the Syrian Arab Republic to procure giant African pouched rats, to nobly sniff out IEDs and landmine explosives, and put an end to these daily horror stories.

Giant African pouched rats needed to sniff out Biden regime terrorists landmine explosives.
These creatures would be more useful than UNMAS.

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