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Biden Regime Terrorist Landmines Murder, Injure, as Tears Flow on the Hill

Biden regime terrorists planted landmines in a pistachio farm before retreat. One farmer was murdered, several others wounded. The extent of their injuries has not been reported by official sources. The most recent of landmine atrocities occurred near Khan Sheikhoun, while western news focuses on tears flowing on Capitol Hill.

Postscript will contain some graphic photos

Biden regime terrorists continue to be called “freedom fighters” by bipartisan supremacist politicians on the US Capitol Hill. The same overpaid imperialists who ignored or supported both Obama and Trump war crimes in the Syrian Arab Republic continue to ignore the ongoing war crimes of the Biden regime — even while they whine and likely use The Menthol Method of lacrimae production for transatlantic NATO stenography media at the Capitol Hill riots hearings.

Yet again, Syria News reminds our readers that landmines, IEDs and other NATO weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens into the hands of beasts with two legs, human pathogens, terrorists. They are provided by the regimes of the likes of Obama, Trump, and Biden, courtesy of the US taxpayer, suffering from lack of financial stability, ordinary people whose health insurance leaves them to the mercy of crowd-funding sites.

Yet again, we remind our readers that while Russian sappers, Armenian sappers, and others have assisted in de-mining huge areas of Syria, hundreds of civilians are murdered or maimed every year by these killers, while the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has done nothing — unless one considers Agnes Marcaillou bringing her entourage to Damascus to sign a useless MoU, and then occasionally providing the Security Council with pristinely meticulous statistics on Syrian deaths and dismemberment, completely failing Syria, as something.

According to an administrative source speaking to a colonialist-lite independent medium, on condition of anonymity, the Biden – Harris – Nance – Dr Jill – Strangelove Pentagon aggregate presidency plans to keep 900 uniformed American illegals in Syria, indefinitely. Combined with the negligence of that Mine Action Service, we shall likely continue to see more death by landmine.

Miri Wood

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At the Capitol Hill hearings 27 July, there appeared to be a competition to see who best could pull a Boehner, in terms of turning on the ocular water works. The most laughable came from Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger is a former combat bomber pilot, which seems to mean he flew bomber jets over other people’s countries, and bombed them.

Kinzinger has spent much time in his taxpayer funded employment, working to destroy Syria. He has held anti-Syria meetings in Turkey, and sat with armed insurrectionists like Okaidi, a supporter of Jabhat al Nusra and ISIS.

His supremacy includes declaration that the Syrian electoral process is null and void.

When he was hashtagging “Save Daraa,” the terrorists were murdering and beheading Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Daraa.

He has shed no honest tears for the kidnapped boy his ‘rebels’ beheaded on camera, nor a single one for the little girl kidnapped by ‘rebels’ in Douma, doused in moulage trauma for a photo op by AFP, who shows up more terrified — and more naked — in a photo that MEE claimed to have taken in Yemen, six years later.

The congressman who bombed other people’s countries who does not think that Syria has the right to defend itself within its borders becomes emotional at the memory of a “domestic insurrection.”

This is the hypocrisy, double standards, and supremacy of various bipartisan politicians, and the war criminal outlook of Obama, Trump, and now Biden.


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  1. Roy Booher

    I’ve been to the website where those rats are trained in Africa also cleaning up the massive minefields left behind by the Psychopaths who buried them there. They need funding. Also of note is that the social structure of this rat in terms of its ability to be empathic towards others exceeds that of most human societies, and certainly that of those societies that would employ such devices in the first place and then not remove then. A sad commentary when a so-called “dirty rat”, is more godlike than the “humane” creatures who wage war on Syria.


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