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Biden Occupation Forces Plunder More Syrian Oil

US Biden forces in the Al Tanf in the Syrian desert

Biden occupation forces continue to plunder Syrian oil, even as winter approaches, and even while US taxpayers ignore the grand larceny while complaining of domestic skyrocketing of prices at their pumps. On 25 October, another mobster-driven, thirty-three convoys with more than one hundred vehicles left the Levantine Republic, headed into Iraq, filled with Syrian oil.

Biden regime forces looted the oil from the al Jazeera region and left via the illicit al Walid crossing into neighboring Iraq. To flout the waste of US taxpayer funds, the Biden regime forces were under the phony protection of the US/NATO created SDF armed insurrectionists in big SUVs with attached machine guns.

Syrian locals in the al Ya’arubyia region reported a convoy of more than fifty Biden occupation vehicles that included refrigerated tankers and oil tankers passed through Rmelan town, to reach their destination in Tal Baider, which is in Syria, which is not part of the United States.

Biden oil thieves moving between Syria and Iraq / Kurdistan - SDF - Archive
Biden oil thieving forces moving between Syria and Iraq / Kurdistan – SDF – Archive

Fellow Americans, please take a long look at the above photograph, and consider your thoughts and feelings were a foreign military in your country, stealing your raw materials as inflation hits them, and winter is at the door, and arming terrorists in your neighborhoods. Please also consider foreign military invaders, as you fight over the US-Mexico border.

Biden regime forces continue to loot the oil of the Syrian people, while US Americans worry about Weimar-type inflation.
Biden regime forces continue to loot the oil of the Syrian people, while US Americans worry about Weimar-type inflation, & experts say that prices will further skyrocket.

On Sunday, a convoy of seventy-nine Biden occupation military vehicles — mostly armored — traveled from the illegal American base at the Kharb al Jeer Airport in al Yaarubyia, also traveling over the illegitimate al Walid crossing into Iraq.

The supremacist junta ruling the UNSC continue to ignore the theft.

Biden forces continue to loot the oil of the Syrian people, as winter approaches. Have US Americans lost all remnants of a moral compass, in joining the UN junta?

Miri Wood

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Last week, explosive-laden drones hit the Biden American criminal base in al Tanf. The US lied there were no casualties, but threatened supremacist ‘retaliation.’ The author wonders about the silence of the families of the American illegals in Syria.

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  1. Roy A Booher

    Yup, for the Americans that count, and most Americans don’t count, they never did have any moral compass, America is run by gangsters and thugs, the same sort of gangsters and thugs who ran the Spanish Inquisition and the Spanish conquest of the America’s. And then they wandered over to some other poor hapless nation and destroyed that as well, all the while claiming that they were the victims because their previous host was left penniless and mostly dead. Blaming America for the crimes of their invaders is like blaming its indigenous peoples for the crimes that that very same nation commits today. These people are possessed by a belief that only they have a right to live; And, you know? If even your wisest intellectuals can’t figure out that if two wrongs don’t make a right, then surely a million wrongs don’t either. It, they, may look human, but obviously looks aren’t everything.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    We will never forget and we will never forgive these thieves and war criminals and we will teach our children not to forget what they did to us and never to forgive them.


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