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Biden Forces Smuggle Additional 45 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil into Iraq

Biden Forces of the US Army democratizing - stealing Syrian oil wells الجيش الأمريكي يسرق النفط السوري

Biden forces continue stealing Syrian oil, business as usual, from the oil wells in the northern Syrian three provinces comprising Al Jazeera region into neighboring Iraq, the latest theft included 45 oil tankers.

Local sources spotted the oil tankers and added that in addition to the two shipments of 20 and 25 oil tankers, some more covered trucks and reefers (refrigerated trucks) were smuggled by the US army occupying regions in northern Syria with the help of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

The following report by the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel details the latest oil theft from Syria by the US army:

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.


Local sources reported that a convoy of 35 vehicles, including 20 tankers loaded with stolen oil from oil wells occupied by the American occupation forces in the Syrian Al Jazeera region (Al-Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, and Raqqa governorates), in addition to a number of covered trucks and reefers, headed through the illegal Al-Waleed crossing to northern Iraq.

The sources added that another convoy of the occupation forces, comprising 25 tanks loaded with stolen Syrian oil from the oil fields in Rumaylan and Al-Shaddadi, headed to Iraqi territory through the illegal Mahmoudiya crossing in the Yarubiyah countryside, in conjunction with the flight of three helicopters belonging to the occupation forces.

End of the transcript.

We, Syrians understand that the ‘collective west’ suffers from an energy shortage and they are facing a very cold winter if they do not apologize to Russia and reverse all their criminal acts against it and against the Ukrainian people they used to fuel their latest confrontation in Europe, however, our ‘partners in humanity’, the western people and especially the western taxpayers funding the theft of our oil need to understand that we also need the oil to fuel our vehicles, bake our bread which wheat is also being stolen by NATO forces illegally operating in our country, and for generating electricity.

While we understand the above-anticipated suffering of the westerners this coming winter from acts of their own doing for some agenda, westerners need to realize that the Syrian oil produced at its peak does not exceed 400,000 barrels per day, that’s less than 4% of the production of the United States itself, and less than 3% of the production of the US’s main oil protectorate in the region, Saudi Arabia.

Also, the theft of the Syrian oil, wheat, and even barley predates any current self-harming western sanctions against Russia, by years; therefore, kindly, tell your regimes to stop stealing our oil and to withdraw your soldiers from our country, if they don’t get out on their own, from what we see of the current developments and the increased attacks against their illegal military bases in Syria, they’ll be boxed, or whatever would be left of them on stretchers and inside wooden 84 x 28 x 23 inches caskets and shipped back to Arlington in Virginia, USA, Brookwood in Surrey, Britain, and in other cemeteries in other NATO member countries.

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