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Biden Forces Occupying Syrian Conoco Gas Field Bombed with Rockets

Conoco Gas Field - Deir Ezzor, northern Syria

Biden forces illegally occupying Syria’s largest gas field came under attack by rockets in the evening of Tuesday, 31 August 2021, this is not the first time.

Local sources told the Syrian news agency SANA that the US military base in the Conoco Gas field in the northeastern Deir Ezzor countryside was attacked with at least 2 rockets, reports about casualties among the oil and gas thieves are suppressed by the occupiers.

Biden forces instantly sealed the area and flew helicopters and drones over it trying to figure out the source of fire and to find the launchpads.

This is the recent attack in series of such attacks targeting Biden forces and their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists guarding them, nobody claims responsibilities for these attacks while most observers, political, and military strategists attribute it to the rising resentment among the Syrian locals who have indeed formed armed resistance against the foreign invaders and their regional stooges.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, and all these terrorist groups have not attacked the US troops, ironically, while the US fighter jets have bombed the Syrian Army and its allies multiple times to defend ISIS terrorists, ‘by mistake’ as the Pentagon would later apologize, or as ‘fighting Iranian militia in Syria‘ who are not allowing US forces to freely steal Syrian resources when the White House junta doesn’t feel the need to be diplomatic.

Only westerners believe that the US and other NATO forces are in Syria to democratize the gas and oil fields, look at the featured picture above, does this gas field need democracy and freedom? Depriving the Syrian people of their own gas and oil have led to extreme shortages in supplies to the electric power stations and forced the Syrian authorities to harshly rationalize the distribution of electricity, in some areas the electric power comes for a couple of hours a day which also affects the water supplies and all the needs for more than 16.5 million people, an ongoing war crime by the world’s diminishing empire.

Gold Stars are given to the families of oil thieves and war criminals.

Trump, Biden’s mentor in Syria, explicitly stated the mission for their forces: ‘we are keeping the oil, I like oil, let the others fight ISIS’, in case you missed him:

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Wish the resistance all the luck and to score large among those foreign thieves. And no, we didn’t miss that Trump war criminal and clown.


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