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Betraying Syria – Hyenas Disguised as Activists

image-Hyenas attacking Syria

Yours truly and whoever tried to stand by my side since the year 2013 and until today has been under an evil, smear campaign accusing me of betraying Syria just for the crime of ‘criticizing Putin’s policies in regards to his strange relations with Turkey’.

The campaign to accuse Syrian patriotic of treason was led by a Freemason living in Canada his initials are C. A., an Australian operative, and her Lebanese husband whose names were never real.

The campaign started immediately after I published the post talking about the loss of the most strategic Meng Airbase in north Syria to terrorists Meng Battle a Big Loss for the Axis of Resistance, Sadly and unfortunately true it was.

While I, as a Syrian citizen affected directly by the crisis in my country and lost relatives killed by terrorists, believe I have the full right to cheer the victories of my country’s national army and at the same time criticize any wrongdoing by any party, the real operatives working silently against Syria saw it treason from their desks in Canada and in Australia.

This is not re-opening old books closed. I was surprised that the campaign is still going on and even a new Facebook page was created and the same authors on that page are the same identified operatives. The Australian agent called herself at first: ‘Intibah Wake-up’, yes it’s a pseudonym and ‘Intibah’ means ‘Attention’ and that was Ok if you fear for your life or your family from terrorists back in Syria. However, when you’re not a Syrian at all or have migrated out of Syria with all your family a long time ago if you were Syrian to start with, you won’t have the need to cover your identity unless your purpose was deceit.

The danger of these operatives is not limited to a Facebook page attacking Syrian activists. It’s a larger group of operatives who initially gained credit when a Syrian activist fell to their ploy and allowed them to co-admin a pro-Syrian group on Facebook called ‘The Syrian Revolution, Untold Story’ that was growing fast at that time, to be ousted herself back then from the group she created when the operatives couldn’t hide anymore that their leader was a Freemason after trying their best to lie and challenge me in this information. They had to post a ‘clarification’ that not all Freemasons are bad, and some of them could be patriotic Syrians when they work for the Zionist movement!! That same lady who created the group became as well one of their main targets for the attacks by these operatives.

If I was and still being attacked rabidly by these hideous operatives for criticizing many of the Russian acts and especially the weird relation with Turkey’s Erdogan who did backstab Putin several times already, I present to you a Syrian professor of international relations at Damascus University confirming my opinion on al-Mayadeen TV channel, the channel assumingly the most pro-Syrian among the non-Syrian TV channels, and also the channel that is priding itself for its distinguish relations with Iran.

Dr. Jamal Mahmoud, professor of international relations at Damascus University speaking angrily from Damascus to al-Mayadeen on Russia and Iran’s relations with Turkey when the interviewer told him ‘but the Turkish incursion was in agreement with Russian’:

Watch on BitChute:, Flickr:

Will the hyenas now attack Dr. Jamal Mahmoud or they’ll send an apology before we expose them more?

Beware of those hyenas disguised as lambs, they are not lambs, they are hungry for Syrian blood hyenas.

image-Hyenas attacking Syria
Hyenas attacking Syria

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