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Bassel Khartabil: Dark Net Operative against Syria


Dark Net operative, Palestinian-Syrian Bassel Khartabil Safadi was announced dead — since October 2015 —  by his wife, via her Facebook profile, 1 August.  Safadi  designates that his family background was of Safed, in Galilee.  Many persons have been deceived into viewing “conspiracy” as an insulting word.  Many refuse to acknowledge that Syria continues to survive the most heinous international conspiracy in history.  These persons might consider wondering how a  Facebook  status managed to evolve into 89k results — top hundreds from MSM — when the previously unknown name “Khartabil” is put into a search engine.  The previously unknown Khartabil al Safadi is now added to the very long list of emotional war porn propaganda against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fleeing the deadly, Zionist Naqba of 1948, were absorbed by Syria; Khartabil’s family was among them.  According to UNHCR statistics of 2011, 526,000 Palestinians were still registered in Syria.

1948: Palestinian refugees fleeing the deadly Zionist Naqba

For those who may not know, the SAR provided Palestinian refugees with full rights except for citizenship. This decision was made by the refugees and government, together, in order to preserve the  right of return.

Yarmouk “Camp” before 2011 terror campaign against Syria

In a particularly smarmy anti-Syria propaganda piece, the Electronic Intifada — the “pro-Palestinian” website oddly on the side of Israel, against Syria, in its support of the genocidal ‘Arab Spring’ — interviewed now widow Noura Ghazi. She noted that Khartabil al Safadi was working in Singapore, and had returned to Syria only for a vacation, when the two met during a demonstration.

EI’s reporting on Syria since 2011 has been in full alignment with Israeli propaganda

Palestinians in Syria have more rights than Palestinians everywhere else in the planet combined, so he was protesting that, it seems and wanted to be treated as his  peers in Lebanon, maybe. — comment by a Syrian

The Dark Net  has been appropriately described as ‘home to drug and firearm sales, child pornography, human trafficking and assassins for hire.’ It also includes foreign operations launched to help destroy a sovereign nation. In 2011, the New York Times  seemed pleased to announce that Obama and the State Department had increased funding to illicit black bag  operations against sovereign nation states.

NYT gleeful about increased US monies into the Dark Net

The use of the word “censorship” in anti-Syria propaganda is especially fetid, demonically hypocritical, particularly coming from western countries, absurdly proud of their anemic liberties.  Increasingly, especially in social media, are NATO enforced measures of censorship in reporting the truth on Syria. YouTube  is leading the campaign — a request made to Facebook by CNN’s Amanwour, immediately after the US election, to prohibit fake fake news. Videos of terrorism, promoted by the monsters of Congress, are being abruptly censored, so as not to provide evidence of the lying politicians lying. Even the death squads known as the White Helmets attempted to censor their own Khan Sheikhoun video, after Syria News  pointed out to SAMS the fakery of emergency care, and the appearance of torture of children within the video.

The usual criminals against peace have brayed the loudest, have wept the most bitter of crocodile tears over the  unconfirmed  death of Khartabil al Sadafi.  CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news, the overpaid gang of Vichy urinalists whose terrorist friends cheered the alliances with child beheaders, evacuated its eternal plausible deniability (that it was unable to confirm the death it was so passionately reporting) before making noises about “torture” and Adra being yet another “notorious” jail in the SAR. In fact, this main central Syrian prison is nicknamed  Le Meridian as it incarcerates ordinary criminals for regular crimes.

Abu Ghraib: What torture looks like, for those with short-term memory deficits

The same CNN, now inconsolable over the unconfirmed death of Khartabil al Safadi, was completely mute when it came to reporting the murder of 25 year old Syrian journalist, Khaled al Khatib, by the US provided missiles and US backed terrorists, in Homs.

Khaled al Khatib’s mom carries her son’s coffin.

The  notorious Amnesty International the anti-Syria ‘watchdog,’ ejaculated a very, very sad obit, about torture and freedom and liberty — because this is its purpose. Amnesty was founded in 1961, by Peter Benenson, a British attorney, with the intention “to mobilize world opinion” “effectively.”   It was Amnesty that pimped the idiotic crematorium story of Saydnaya, readily swallowed by NATO MSM, of course.  It seems that Syria is a paradoxical Utopia, the only place in the world devoid of criminals, yet overflowing with notorious jails.

The US incarceration rate is the highest on the planet. With only 4.4% of the world’s population, America houses 22% of this world’s prisoners. Over the past 30 years, the female prison population has grown by more than 800%, while the male incarcerates have only grown by a mere 416%. Incarceration is the only US ‘growth industry,’ outsourced to private conglomerates which enjoy the benefits of the private side of PPP’s. US lawmakers have added in the growth, by increasing laws that criminalize, adhering to the bed count requirements by creative incarceration laws such as ‘three strikes.’

Grow, Baby, grow!

The Gulfie-owned Orient News states he’s Syrian without mentioning he’s Palestinian to show how much they’re “notorious” in their anti-Syria propaganda. — a  Syrian

Human Rights Watch has also rended its garment in grief over Kartabil al Safadi’s unconfirmed death. HRW is the Syria-hating ‘watchdog’ that holds fundraisers in that bastion of freedom, Saudi occupied Arabia, whose  executive director,  Kenneth Roth, receives $500k “compensation” for telling criminal lies against Syria.  In 2010, HRW bragged about plans to receive $100 million from George Soros, and in 2014, more than 100 Nobel Laureates, diplomats, and scholars asked HRW to please stop whoring around with the CIA and other criminals on Capitol Hill.

Saudi and Soros loving HRW also in grief over unconfirmed death of Khartabil al Safadi

Many of the bathetic  obituaries of the unconfirmed death of Khartabil al Safadi in October 2015 note that he was given the Top Global Thinker award by the Syria-hating, and prestigious  Foreign Policy  colonialist rag, in 2012. One really must engage in Hollywood’s suspension of disbelief to imagine that a mere 31 year old could receive such a notable award. He was given this accolade for “insisting against all odds, on a peaceful Syrian revolution” (funded by the US, EU, Gulfie gas stations, and Erdoganstan).

He’s a Palestinian calling for revolution in Syria…!  Not only that, he was active in anti-Syrian security activities receiving ‘support’ from abroad and organizing movements and participating in it that endangered Syrian people’s lives and led to the heavy presence of terrorist groups like the FSA and its different branches:  ISIS, Nusra, Ahrar, even the Kurds’ different forces, etc.  Would his activities, especially being a non-Syrian guest in Syria on the account of the Syrian people, be accepted if he were in Germany, working to organize protests against Germany with the support of Russia, for instance, or in the USA with the support of Russia?  If that’s acceptable in those two countries in the same narrative, then we can ask the Syrian government about his fate, if he was detained and whether executed for his criminal activities that can least be described as spying for a foreign group or organization, with suspicious funding, and  working on destabilizing the country that hosted him and his family for free for decades…. 

The geopolitical hypocrisy of NATO and underling Gulfies and Levantine writers is shameless.  While this gang of criminals against peace complain about the unproven death of a non-Syrian attempting the destruction of the country which welcomed his family, it anticipates that its audience will be so well-trained as to not notice the glaring double-standards.  It demands that its audience suffer short term memory deficits, that no one will remember that in 2011, two British men were jailed for their Facebook  calls for rioting in their country (no matter that they did not actually riot — unlike Khartabil al Safadi — or cause any physical harm to their country).

Two Brits were sentenced to 4 years in jail for their FB posts.

The war pimping journalists demand, also, that their readers forget the many dozens of unarmed protesters brutalized during the DAPL demonstrations.

“Rubber” bullets used against unarmed protesters against the pipeline route.

How much of Khartabil al Safadi’s “participation” led to the killings of so many Syrians, directly and indirectly? Calling “peacefully” for riots against a country at war is aiding that country’s enemies.

Compare the massive reporting on Khartabil al Safadi’s unconfirmed death, to the glaring dearth of news on Sudki al Maqat’s incarceration by Israel, a breach of international law.  Syrian born al Maqat was arrested at age 23, by the illegal Israeli forces on the occupied  Syrian  Golan.  Al Maqat was charged with spying on Israel, an Orwellian feat considering he was living in his native country, Syria (how, exactly, can a man be convicted of spying on another country, for his country, while living in country?)  After spending 27 years in jail, the 50 year old was finally released in August 2012.  Al Maqat was then re-arrested by the Israeli occupiers in February 2015 and illegally detained before being tried and convicted in a Kafkaesque Israeli court, again for ‘spying’ against Israel,  from his own country.

Syrian patriot Sudki al Maqat has been in illegal Israeli detention for most of his life.

Al Maqat anticipated another round of draconian incarceration, noting before sentencing, the “malicious verdict awaiting me is meant to silence, punish and prevent me from exposing the truth about the support the Israeli occupation authorities provide terrorist gangs and criminals in Syria.”  These words were no hyperbole, as Israel has bragged of providing al Qaeda with more than $23 million worth of free state of the art medical care, over a two-year period.

Propaganda against Syria never ends.  Spikes in it — especially regarding emotional propaganda — tend to be inserted at specific times.  The announcement of the uncorroborated death of Khartabil al Safadi immediately followed Syria and Hizbullah on the Lebanese front winning a major battle against terrorism  (the SAA has also won huge victories in Deir Ezzor, which requires a separate analysis).  Imperial powers always demand a media demoralization campaign against the Syrian people always follows important victories, and history has demonstrated how susceptible western audiences are, to emotional war pornography, particularly when the words “torture” and “jail” are used.

The sad, sad tale of the reputed death of Khartabil al Safadi is also being used as a spike in the  relocation of the occupation of Palestine into the SAR  (though this campaign is also ongoing, its last major putsch was in April 2015, when the UN, the Jewish Voice for Peace, and virtually all msm and faux independent media joined to make fake maps and fake history).

That “Syrian Coalition” headquartered in Turkey (formerly headquartered in Qatar), filled with Turkemen, Jordanians, Brits, and a few Syrian traitors tweeted that “the regime” has killed over 3,000 Palestinians since 2011, in Syria.  They made no mention of the Naqba, nor the ongoing occupation of Palestine, and of course offered nothing in the way of evidence to support their outrageous claim.

Erdogan’s suits are aligned with Israel against Syria.

This UAE and NATO countries funded coalition supported the takfiri savages who slaughtered more than 50 Syrian soldiers in Dara’a — and mutilated their corpses — last month.

Israel’s  Ha’aretz  soon tweeted one of the first NATO/NATO ally news posts on the new report on the reputed old death of Khartabil al Safadi.


Israel shoots unarmed Palestinians in the West Bank, yet mourns an uncorroborated Palestinian-Syrian death in Syria.

The bottom line regarding the reputed death of Bassel Khartabil al Safadi is that corroboration can only come from the Syrian government.  Unless that happens we shall never know.

Perhaps we should concern ourselves in wonder over CNN’s mourning of an uncorroborated death in Syria, while being glib when reporting on the death penalty in the US.

CNN’s Fun Facts on the Death Penalty in the US (er, “Fast” Facts)

UPDATE:  Electronic Intifada  has emitted a shameless attack on Syria under the cover of an obituary, so vile it could have been written by Nikki Haley.

Shameless EI used obit as cover to attack Syria.

In addition to the geographical move of occupied Palestine into the Syrian Arab Republic, the tribute to Khartabil al Safadi is filled with vile lies from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty, the latter now demanding a colonialist inspection of the Syrian prison system.

One bit of significance was the author noting that Khartabil al Safadi spent time in Doha, Qatar, the un-scrubbed Gulfie toilet which has bragged about spending billions to destroy the SAR.  In 2013, Qatar’s al Khanzeera was involved with slaughter and kidnapping in Latakia countryside.  Fifty-eight of the kidnapped women and children were released in a captive/terrorist exchange in February.

A Qatar-Iran brokered deal to exchange Syrian civilians for terrorists resulted in 60 busloads of takfiri safely being transported to Idlib and 130 Syrians slaughtered in a gruesome massacre in al Rashidin.  In the statement from Families of Fouaa and Kafraya Terrorist Opposition Bombing, the members held accountable Ahrar al Sham, Nusra,  Qatar  and Turkey responsible for the bloodbath.

Syrian child who survived al Rashidin terrorist massacre is ignored by malignant msm

That Khartabil al Safadi spent time with the savages in Qatar — no matter how ‘clean’ the cover story — is much better evidence of criminality than AI and HRW offer as evidence of ‘torture.’

Shame on EI for its contemptible attacks on the Syrian people, their country, and their president.

Syria’s President, Dr. Bashar al Assad

Miri Wood & Arabi Souri

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