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Baniyas Refinery Maintenance Completed, the Gasoline Crisis to Ease

Baniyas Refinery - Syria

A trial run of the gasoline production unit in the Baniyas refinery was carried out and its eastern torch was lit to signify the beginning of gasoline production.

This achievement came two weeks after the start of the comprehensive maintenance work for the refinery and an overhaul of many of its main parts.

This refinery has a refining capacity of 100,000 barrels of oil per day and produces about 80% of the gasoline needed by the Syrian market, this will help to achieve a breakthrough in the gasoline crisis starting tomorrow.

Baniyas Refinery has not undergone major maintenance during the past 9 years of the US-led War of Terror waged against the country which is coupled with the Economic Terrorism the USA and its European minions are waging against the Syrian people preventing Syria from buying essential needed material from international markets and imposing an almost complete blockade on the country with a few exceptions when Syria’s allies decide to open the tap a little.

A technician manager explained the need of conducting this major work on the refinery which led to a severe shortage in the gasoline all over the country: ‘If this maintenance and overhaul work has not been done now it would have led to major disruptions in production for months in the near future, and the overhaul wouldn’t be possible during the winter.’

Syria would usually procure the needed gears and equipment from its international trade partners when needed, which the regime of Donald Trump and his predecessor made sure they prevent by ordering their European, regional, and international spineless states to contribute to the siege on the Syrian people.

Using their own experience and with the material on hand, the Syrian technicians carried out the entire process locally turning the struggle into an opportunity for future cases, this would help Syria reduce the cost in foreign currencies and would also give a lesson to the countries that contributed in this illegal and inhumane blockade against the Syrian people by cutting their sales of such spare parts, and hopefully in the near future major facilities, to Syria.

US-sponsored terrorists targeted the oil sector in Syria throughout the past 9.5 years by all means available to them gifted by the US taxpayers, the attacks including shelling the refineries, blowing up oil and gas pipeline, even a CNN crew blew up an oil pipeline in Baba Amro in Homs, also by sabotaging undersea pipelines, targeting the railways, assassinating staff of the ministry of oil, and lately, Trump forces are directly stealing the Syrian oil with the help of their ISIS terrorists, the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, Kurdish separatist proxies the SDF armed militia, and the Kurdistan province in Iraq.

Baniyas Refinery is one of two refineries in Syria, the other in Homs, and was producing 130,000 barrels of oil a day prior to 2011. The building of the Baniyas refinery started in 1975 and started production in October 1979. It was built in cooperation with the Romanian Industrial Export-Import Corporation, and from now it will be on its own.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Finally, thanks God. The people suffered much because of the shortage of benzine for the cars and minibuses, at least this is completed before the winter season. God bless those workers for the massive hard work and the working conditions they’ve been through.

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