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A Very Bad Day for Al-Qaeda FSA Terrorists in Syria

SAA Picture

Today, 28 April 2013 was not a good day for NATO’s best asset the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists in Syria, all over the country. What’s known as FSA, or in reality, Al-Qaeda Levant aka Jabhat Al-Nusra saw heavy defeats in many enclaves in several locations, and here are the details:

Idleb Countryside: Syrian Arab Army delivered direct strikes to concentrations of Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists in Adnaniyeh, Taibat, Haftlek Zardna, Marat Misreen, Nairab, Der Zoghb, Talhieh & Tal Denet scoring high in killed and injured terrorists.

Daraa Countryside: 9 cars some of which were mounted with machine guns were destroyed in Shomarah village in Allujat area. SAA destroyed a depot for munition and IEDs in the same area, among the killed terrorists one name was picked Khaled Tarkeh, who used to be an IED specialist before rendered nil by the SAA. Jordan recently started playing in the open and joined the anti-Syria camp, stupidly, allowing thousands of terrorists into southern Syria through the very long borders between the two countries.

Jordan hosting terrorists and smuggling them into Syria, allowing Israel air passage to target Syrian cities.

Raqqa: A delicate operation by an SAA unit destroyed a so-called ‘religious council’ in the industrial area in the city-countryside. The operation resulted in scores of killed and injured terrorists.

Tens of terrorists from so-called ‘Raqqa Islamist Revolutionary Brigade’ were given a one-way ticket to hell by a Syrian Army unit in Kassra agricultural area.

Homs: Syrian Arab Army units advance through Wadi Sayeh neighborhood in Old Homs, a once stronghold of Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists, and takes control of most of its streets. Combing the district inch by inch for terrorists, snipers, and IEDs is slowing them, but they’re cleansing the neighborhood competently. The following report with English subtitles from Wadi Sayeh by Al-Mayadeen news channel:

(Video also available on BitChute:

200 terrorists surrendered themselves to the Syrian Army in villages near Qussayr after sending messages asking for mercy. Syrian Army units are cornering the terrorists in a non-stoppable battle, check our previous post (Syria: Syrian Army cleans al-Qusayr, Homs).

Meanwhile, a group of terrorists trying to escape confirmed death in Qussayr city in Homs countryside near Lebanese borders, found death waiting for them in Qarabiss, Qussour and on Tadmor (Palmyra) – Forqlos road when confronted by the Syrian Arab Army.

Damascus Countryside: At the Syrian – Lebanese borders, the Syrian Customs and Security forces managed to confiscate a car loaded with 258,000 Captagon hallucinating pills and arrest its passengers. The terrorists inside will find difficulties without these pills when they face reality instead of their virtual world that allows them to walk to their death like Zombies and get killed eventually, or in case they overwhelm a remote army post, they can’t now decapitate and grill the soldiers. The following report with English subtitles by Syrian based Sama TV shows the pills:

(Video also available on BitChute:

Not to forget the great achievements in Otaybah in the eastern Ghotta near Damascus International Airport, as we reported earlier: (Al-Otaybah Damascus Countryside Under SAA Control).

Der Ezzor: A Syrian Army unit eliminated groups of terrorists trying to smuggle weapons and munition to their friends near Marat village in Euphrates river. An official source quoted by Jouhina News website confirmed the destroying of the boats with the terrorists inside it intending to smuggle it to inside Der Ezzor city.

Another gathering of the terrorists in Jbeilah neighborhood near the central park was also eliminated and their mortar cannon was destroyed, while tens of terrorists were killed in a single blow by a Syrian Army unit in Rashdieh neighborhood, and destroyed their weapons and munition.

Aleppo Countryside: A rocket launcher was destroyed and groups of terrorists were eliminated in Bab & Nairab cities, from the terrorist commanders killed the following two were identified: Abdul Razzak Mitab Wasmi (sounds like from UAE) commander of ‘Abu Dujjaneh Brigade’ and Othman Al-Othman commander of ‘the two holy mosques soldiers brigade’ with large numbers of their followers.

Hama countryside: Local people’s committees discovered a depot of weapons and munition in North Fann town. Among the weapons confiscated 20 Grad missiles, thermal missiles, Israeli made weapons, a stolen tank and a stolen BMP vehicle.

Meanwhile, no updates on the two bishops kidnapped in Aleppo by Turkish fanatic Muslim Brotherhood Caliph wannabe prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thugs. Masses in Palm Sunday by churches following the eastern calendar prayed for the release of the two kidnapped bishops, and for peace and stability in the region.

After sustaining much losses, one can imagine the western countries, namely USA, UK and France push for reinventing Iraq 2.0 known as the WMDs scam and Collin Powell’s satellite images of mobile launchers, by accusing the Syrian state of using chemical weapons against itself disregarding tens of reports showing terrorists carrying out experiments with chemical and biological weapons and even threatening to poison the water sources with such.

Banner in Tripoli, Libya mourning the death of a Libyan terrorist in Syria
Banner in Tripoli, Libya mourning the death of a Libyan terrorist in Aleppo, Syria

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  1. FHTEX

    It will be over before Obama can make up his mind what to do about Syria. The jihadists and their savagery have united Syrians as never before



  3. Michele

    As an civilices an no-barbaric Ill keep on praying for everyone in this conflict inkluding the dogs and murdorous thugs of AL-nusra, all of your sisters are like the women youll meet in your so called paradise-HORRREEEES! You fucked up hooligans, may you burn in hell!!

  4. Harptler

    Blessings from Canadians trying to spread the truth! Many of us know who the FSA really is and what they do, we are just silenced by our fucked up government.

    Kill all these scumbags! We are with you! Stay strong and do not give these terrorists any mercy!

  5. ratan

    As an international follower of the crisis in Syria I want to tell the great Syrian people that you must stand united with your president Mr. Bashar Al Assad against these terrorists and fanatics who are trying to destroy your country and more importantly the love and brotherhood among people of all sects and religions in Syria. There are times in a nation's history when it is tested and I am very sure the Syrian people will stand up and fight till the last of the terrorist invaders are killed or left the sacred land of Syria. Hell to the USA and western powers who are helping the terrorists in Syria. The entire world is with the Syrian people. Lone live Syria.


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