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Autonomy in Syria: Turkish Propaganda and the Syrian Kurds

Turkey & al-Qaeda

Syrian Kurds warned against autonomy in northern Syria.

The Syrian Kurds or the Kurds in Syria, whatever, virtually Syrians for many citizens in the secular Arab nation, although there are problems sometimes, which is certain, but in contrast to the Kurds in Turkey, the Syrian Kurds have not only a better situation within the population of the country and under its government than it is the situation with the “regime of Erdogan” and its ruling party (AKP/JDP) in Turkey.

The secular Syrian government in Damascus has already granted the Kurds a certain level of autonomy in last year and under consideration of the recent information about the situation in the region of the Syrian border town Ras al-Ayn (also Ras al-Ain), some Kurdish groups already have the control of a specific part near or on the border to the neighbouring country Turkey. In addition, other Kurdish groups have even the duty to control security in some parts near the Syrian border to Turkey.

The most acts are under the consent of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. If Kurds in Turkey or in other places believe the propaganda about the bad living conditions (before the conflict) of Syrian Kurds, they either have never spoken with several Kurds from e.g. Aleppo or they are missing a certain level of education to be able to separate between propaganda and reality.

The clashes between the Kurdish fighters and the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot, e.g. the Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) are still ongoing near Ras al-Ayn (Ras al-Ain) and in addition, the criminals and terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are finally also involved as it seems. At least, Ras al-Ayn is not far away from their camps on Turkish soil – sponsored by the Islamist uncle, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

And exactly this person, the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, has warned the Syrian Kurds now against any plans about the establishing of a Kurdish autonomous region in the northern part of Syria, above the former important economical centre of Aleppo (Halab).

This next warning against the Syrian Kurds about the establishment of an autonomy in northern Syria by Erdogan comes after the recent threats against Syrian Kurds by the Turkish Foreign Minister, a known megalomaniac.

At least, under consideration of his speeches and visions for the Middle East and Turkey, given at several conferences and events within the last years, the Turkish Foreign Minister cannot be anything else than a megalomaniac.

The attempt to serve the Israeli and American interests by hosting terrorists to send them to the neighbouring country, the country of the former family friend Bashar al-Assad, in order to implement chaos and bloodshed with the final aim to topple his old comrade, is already proven to be one of the biggest crimes between two actually befriended leader of states.

When the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan betrays one of his best friends among the leaders of states and even the friend next to him, just a jump away in Syria, is there anybody still thinking that this guy would never betray his people, too? He does, at least, in regards to Syria, America, and Israel.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened the Syrian Kurds yesterday in a new statement. Erdogan said that his warning to the Syrian Kurds has been already delivered to the head of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria, Salih Muslim.

Salih Muslim (sometimes also Saleh Muslim) has recently rejected the report(s) by Al Jazeera that the Syrian Kurds and his Kurdish party in Syria would plan to establish an autonomous region in northern Syria. Yes, indeed. He rejected it.

The propaganda station Al Jazeera has spread this news first and the actually source rejected it just a day later. But it is no surprise that Turkish, Western, and Israeli agencies still try to maintain this information as given news.

Turkey Qaeda
Turkish government smuggle Al Qaeda terrorists into Syria to promote democracy

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said on Friday, that the “necessary warning was made” in direction of the Syrian Kurds. He further stated that these “taken steps” by the Kurds in Syria “are wrong and dangerous”, while he knows for certain, that Salih Muslim has rejected the reports about the reality of such plans to establish an autonomous Kurdish region near the Turkish border.

There is no possibility that the Turkish Prime Minister, as well as the Turkish Foreign Minister, do not know that Saleh Muslim (Salih Muslim) has already and almost immediately denied the existence of such plans and he rejected the report(s) by Al Jazeera.

However, such statements and false interpretations of rejections of news by others is very useful for some sides. In these regards, it is useful for the regime of Erdogan and his ruling party in Turkey. As stated before, they would more likely support Al Qaeda, than to support or accept any Kurds and Kurdish plans.

Another difference between the position of Kurds in Turkey in contrast to the Syrian Kurds / Kurds in Syria. Although not everything has been fine before the crisis, the path taken was promising. Sadly, Erdogan, his jihadist boys, and the CIA made all worse (or bad, whatever…).

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  1. R.D.

    I am a U.S. citizen. I support the efforts of the Syrian people to destroy or expel all those groups that are trying to destroy your government. I am certain that you have the support of millions of Americans, despite what you’ve heard about Americans being “dumbed down.”

    Many Americans, I admit, are simply too afraid to speak out against our criminal-enterprise government, for fear of losing their jobs; for fear of being identified as a “trouble-maker”; for fear of “looking different,” in front of their neighbors; or for fear of our government.

    The Internet has given us access to a lot of information. And many of us have become aware of our government’s vicious role in attempting to destroy nations, particularly secular Muslim nations.

    So, when you hear that Americans are “dumbed down,” and do not know what is going on in the world, don’t believe it. Yes, there are some Americans, maybe many of us, who don’t know what’s going on. But there are a WHOLE LOT of us who do know what’s going on, and that number is growing.

    The problem is that we live in a dictatorship, not a democracy. Our vote is meaningless. Our government is controlled by a criminal enterprise composed of politicians, Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, and other such entities. And we, the people, have no say.

    So, even when we march in the streets, as once occurred in all 50 states, to protest our government’s brutal involvement in Syria, in its arming of the so-called “FSA,” that our government simply ignores our demands. That is the true reality. And most Americans do not know what to do about it. Voting is a joke. It won’t do anything. Both political parties–the Democrats and the Republicans–are controlled by outside entities, one of the biggest being AIPAC, a lobby that pushes for U.S. backing of Israel, no matter what Israel does.

    So, again, I support you, morally and spiritually, in your efforts to save your country from destruction. And many American people support you also.


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