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President Assad Reshuffles the Syrian Cabinet

Syrian Government Cabinet- Building

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad issued Legislative Decree 360 for the year 2018 replacing a number of ministers in the Syrian cabinet.

Nine of the ministers were replaced including the longstanding Minister of Interior General Muhammad Al-Shaar who was replaced by General Muhammad Khalid al-Rahmoun.

Other ministers named:

Engineer Hussein Arnous Minister of Water Supplies
Dr. Atef Naddaf Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection
Engineer Muhammad Rami Radwan Martini Minister of Tourism
Mr. Imad Muwaffaq al-Azab Minister of Education
Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim Minister of Higher Education
Engineer Suhail Muhammad Abdul Lattif Minister of Housing and Public Works
Engineer Ayad Muhammad Al-Khatib Minister of Communication and Technology
Engineer Muhammad Maan Zain ul-Abidin Ithba Minister of Industry.

Syrian Government Cabinet- Weekly Meeting
From a meeting of the Syrian Cabinet – archive

The Syrian president heads the Syrian cabinet and a vote of confidence is not required by the Parliament. The Syrian Parliament has the right to question any minister and strip him or her from confidence. It has actively exercised this right in the past in high profile corruption cases, including senior members of the Parliament having removed the former Speaker.

The current appointments continue in the tradition of high standards of resumes for these positions, and the ministers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Though no new women were appointed in these changes, the three women ministers retained their seats. Usually, more women are heading their ministries in the Syrian governments, and many maintain senior positions within the ministries.

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