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Assad: Idlib Will Return to the Syrian State

President Assad Meeting with Central Command of Baath Party in D

President Assad has again reminded the world that every inch of Syria will be liberated from western-back terrorists. On Sunday, Syria’s president addressed the Central Committee of the al-Baath Arab Socialist Party and simultaneously addressed western world leaders: The Idlib agreement is temporary.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad.

President Assad noted that the cessation of hostilities has provided the Syrian Arab Republic with many gains, “first and foremost stem the blood.”

What is happening in Syria cannot be separate from the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’, president Assad stated. The said deal presented by leaders in the regime of Donald Trump was to kill the Middle East peace process by enforcing Israel’s interests above all parties, maintaining the land illegally occupied, preserving the illegal settlements and above all eliminating the Palestinians Right to Return to their homeland.

Syria was opposing any unjust peace enforced by the US and its cronies for decades, the destruction of Syria and its national army in the current crisis and throughout the past decades was to remove the last obstacle from creating the dominating ‘Greater’ Israel of imported foreign settlers to replace the peoples of the region.

Mr. Assad added: Western hysteria when the Syrian Arab Army went to liberate Idlib from terrorist organizations was due for it being fateful for them, the Syrians victory in Idlib will mean the failure of their plans against Syria.

The more we advance towards complete victory the more Syria’s enemies will intensify their efforts to drain it militarily, politically, economically and socially, hence we will be facing internal challenges not less threatening than war, the Syrian president emphasized.

President Assad Meeting with Central Command of Baath Party in D
President Assad Meeting with Central Command of Baath Party in Damascus

The Syrian president confirmed the need to work on rehabilitating some of the Syrian community segments which were incubators of chaos and terror in order to prevent the enemies of Syria from targeting the country through it in the future.

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