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army units foil terrorists infiltration attempts inflict heavy losses upon them

Feb 24, 2013

PROVINCES,(SANA)- A unit of the armed forces on Sunday foiled the attempts of armed terrorist groups to infiltrate from the Lebanese territories into Syria in Talkalakh Countryside in Homs Province.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that terrorist groups coming from the areas of al-Muqelbieh, al-Hisha and al-Rama in Lebanon tried to infiltrate to Syria through the villages of al-Musherfa, Mrasia and Baeon in Tal Kalakh Countryside as they opened fire from their machineguns and rocket shells at the border guards and the inhabitants of these villages.

The source added that the armed forces confronted those groups and inflicted heavy losses on them as a number of them were either killed or injured while the others fled back to Lebanon.

Terrorists Killed, Their Dens Destroyed in Idleb

In the same context, units of the armed forces continued to hunt the armed terrorist groups and to target their gatherings and criminal tools and to inflict heavy losses on them in several areas in Idleb Countryside.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying “A unit of the army on Sunday morning clashed with armed terrorist groups which tried to attack military checkpoints in the surrounding of Wadi al-Dayf Site, Heish and al-Hamidieh , and it inflicted heavy losses on them as they were either killed or injured and their vehicles and tools were destroyed.”

In Jisr al-Shughour, a source indicated that a unit of the army targeted the gatherings of the terrorists in al-Janoudieh crossroad and in the crossroad of Bkafla Town.

The army units also targeted the terrorists in the villages of Majarz, Deir al-Zaghrad and Saraqeb as it eliminated a number of their vehicles and criminal tools.

In Abo al-Dhuhur, several gatherings of the terrorists were attacked to the west of the city and to the south of the villages of Tal Salmou and al-Zahabieh Village as a number of the terrorists were killed and others were injured and their tools and vehicles were smashed.

The source indicated that the engineering units dismantled five explosive devices, the weight of each is 50 kg, and they also dismantled a 75 kg remote-control bomb planted by the terrorists on the axis of Ariha-Mar Bleet Bridge.

Terrorists’ Attack on Military Unit in al-Nabik in Damascus Countryside Repelled

A military source said that army units on Sunday confronted a terrorist group which tried to attack a military checkpoint in al-Nabik area in Damascus countryside and heavy losses were inflicted upon the group’s members.

The source told SANA that all the members of the terrorist group were either killed or injured and their weapons and ammunition were destroyed.

In the last two days, units of the army eliminated a terrorist group in the eastern farms of al-Nabik area and they confiscated RPG launchers, anti-tank rocket launcher, bombs and 20 thousand electric detonators prepared by the terrorists to be used in making bombs.

In Adraa, army units inflicted heavy losses upon a terrorist group which had been committing acts of killing, kidnapping and robbery as a number of its members were arrested.

Another unit of the army had destroyed a store of ammunition and two stores of weapons to the north of Yabrud City and several terrorists were killed or injured.

Terrorists had earlier fought in Yabrud City over dividing stolen materials and a number of them were killed

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