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Armenian Humanitarian Mission Helped Demine a Town in Northern Syria

Armenian humanitarian mission demine farms in Aleppo countryside

The Armenian Humanitarian Mission has helped demine the town of al-Zara’a in the southern countryside of Aleppo, north of Syria, the landmines were planted by NATO-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists and have caused the killing and maiming of hundreds of civilians, mostly children.

An area of 51,334 square meters (approx. 12.7 acres) has been completely demined, and the land has been rehabilitated to ready it for farming again.

Many locals have been killed and maimed by the landmines planted by the Turks and terrorist groups they sponsored in areas they infested all over the country. This is a very serious pressing matter for the Syrian people, and the pride for the terrorists and their enablers in the USA and its camp as it continues to harm Syrians, especially the most vulnerable ones, and deny them access to their farms, fields, and homes, long after the terrorists have been defeated and the areas liberated.

Syria was the safe sanctuary for Armenians who fled the Ottoman genocide and the Armenians who sought refuge in Syria have been an essential part of the Syrian rich fabric since.

The following report sheds more light on this humanitarian and noble initiative by the Armenian community and visiting Armenian friends:

The video is also available on BitChute.

Transcript of the English translation of the video report:

The Armenian Humanitarian Mission has completed the process of removing anti-tank mines, individuals and improvised explosive devices of what the terrorist groups left behind in the town of al-Zara’a in the southern countryside of Aleppo, with a total area of 51,334 square meters.

Armen Sarkisyan – Consul of the Republic of Armenia in Aleppo: The Republic of Armenia supported the spread of peace and in its work supports the Syrian people and the Syrian government to spread peace in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Pastor Harutyun Selimian – Head of the Protestant Armenian community in Syria: In fact, this was a high-level humanitarian initiative, in this mission there was a mine clearance squad. Surveying all minefields, removing mines, and rehabilitating the fields in order for the residents to return to their villages and homes.

Arkady Donoyan – Representative of the Humanitarian Mission at the Armenian General Consulate in Aleppo: The first sanctuaries for the Armenian people were on Syrian soil, especially in the Deir Ezzor region and based on history with the Syrian people, we will continue our support to them.

Ahmad Al-Yaseen – Deputy Governor of Aleppo: Today, we are in the Zara’a region, in the southern countryside of Aleppo, celebrating the removal of mines from large areas within the region in cooperation with the Armenian humanitarian mission. These are what the terrorists left behind who were crushed and defeated in these areas which was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, its allies and friends. Today, we are celebrating, in cooperation with Armenian friends who are part of the fabric of Syrian society, clearing mines and cleaning this area for the return of the people to their homes and fields.

A local farmer: This area was under the control of a terrorist group that planted the mines and many were martyred by the mines planted by the terrorists, the mines are removed by the friends and by the SAA engineering unit, thank God, it’s now safe and we can plant it.

End of the transcript.

Russian sappers, as well, have contributed much of the efforts helping the Syrian Army’s engineering unit in clearing large areas of landmines all over the country, most notably in Aleppo and in the suburbs of Damascus which were infested by NATO-sponsored terrorists.

The Armenian communities in Syria are very friendly, very social, very helpful, and hardworking with perfection. You can always have full trust in an Armenian at all circumstances and in all aspects, sadly, none of these traits can be said about the Turks, who we share very long borders and very long and bitter history continuing to this very day.

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