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Armed Terrorists Storm SARC Offices in Idlib, Attack Volunteers, Loot Humanitarian Aid

In coordinated attacks on Saturday 14 March, armed terrorists stormed the SARC office in Idlib and its sub-branch in Ariha. In both facilities, the savages beat up Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers, looted humanitarian aid, and vandalized that which they could not steal. Both buildings have been seized by the vermin, and are currently under al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra faction.

SARC stated that these crimes are breaches of International Humanitarian Law, and as such constitute war crimes. The ICRC issued a statement condemning the attacks, noting “At this critical moment of a dire need for humanitarian assistance in Idlib, no action should be undertaken that can weaken the capacity of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to respond to the critical needs in Idlib.”

At this writing, the usual suspects who wail crocodile tears over IHL and war crimes have — as suspected — again become deaf, dumb, and blind.

These areas are still under the control of various al Qaeda factions, including mercenary militias aligned with Madman Erdogan and his soldier cannon fodder illegally in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Coincidentally, the timing of these coordinated, criminal attacks on the SARC offices and the theft of humanitarian aid is a mere three days after ICRC President Peter Mauer arrived in Damascus to hold diplomat meetings in which he stated that the ICRC is proud of its distinguished relationship with Syria.

Dr. Mauer had told Ministers Moallem and Mikdad, SARC President Haboubti and members of the press that Syria will receive increased attention from the guardians of International Humanitarian Law, in the coming months.

A source had suggested ICRC President Mauer had come to Damascus to reaffirm its commitment to its work with SARC as an immediate response to the IFRC’s Vice President Kinik having illegally entered Syria to meet with the criminal Shajul Islam, the Brit who was licensed to practice medicine for only three months before his license was permanently revoked after a series of suspensions. Islam claims to be performing surgery in Idlib, and IFRC’s Dr. Kinik sang his praises, did a short video with the Mengele, and called for support for what amounts to his crimes.

IFRC’ VP Kinik lied about the Brit criminal Shajul.

The source further suggested that the coordinated terrorist attacks on the SARC facilities in Idlib and Ariha were a rage reaction to the excellent visit by ICRC’s President Mauer.

Miri Wood

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