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Syrian Armed Forces Foil Terrorists Infiltration Attempts from Lebanon to syria


Mar 13, 2013

HOMS, (SANA)- Army units have foiled armed terrorist groups’ attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon to Syria through many sites in Tal-kalakh Countryside in Homs.
SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the armed forces foiled attempts by armed terrorist groups to infiltrate from the Lebanese territories into Syria across the sites of Ein al-Shara, Azir and al-Ghaidah along with shooting fire from the Lebanese side towards the borders guards on the Syrian side.
The source added that the armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists, killing a number of them , while the rest fled to Lebanon.
Meanwhile, units of the armed forces foiled during the last two days a number of infiltration attempts by armed terrorist groups from Lebanon to Syria across the sites of al-Ramel, al-Tahouneh, Multaqa al-Nahrin , Kherbet al-Nua’imat and Jousieh in Homs countryside.

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