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Arkansas ‘Charity’ Still ‘Testing’ on Little Girls in Idlib

SETF head who allegedly hates SDF oversees Arkansas 'charity' in Idlib.

In November, Syria News wrote a piece on an Arkansas ‘charity’ funding a woman-less women’s center in Idlib, whose reputed cosmetology students were tested on their skills in painting little Syrian girls as though putting them on the Epstein market.

The class consisted of two students, completely covered in niqab, one of whom was actually a man, identified by his man hands in one of the photographs. 

We remind our readers that in Idlib — “the largest al Qaeda haven since 9/11 — women are seen only for public executions. This reality makes the claim of a ”women’s center” sadistically obscene.

Syrian woman murdered by foreign-armed, foreign terrorists in Idlib, 2015, for ‘adultery.’ Ignoring this act of femicide, MSM used her to whitewash other factions of al-Qaeda.
femicide -Syrian women are invisible in Idlib. This is what the Wahhabi savages think of them.
Syrian women are invisible in Idlib. This is what the Wahhabi savages think of them.

Nonetheless, the name of the woman-less women’s center is “Tomorrow’s Dawn,” and it is reputedly funded by an Arkansas-based ‘charity’ that is not actually a charity, as it does not have 501(c) charitable status, but accepts donations via the State Department approved, taxpayer-supported, NGO, the anti-Syria, Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF). The executive director of the SETF is Mouaz Moustafa, who previously founded the anti-Libya, Libyan Emergency Task Force, despite not being Libyan. 

The name of the Arkansas charity-that-is-not-a-charity is The Wisdom House Project, to be or not to be confused with Wisdom House Project, no “the,” which used to exist as a little organization that made scripture-based greeting cards, but which disappeared around the time that the NGO-charity for painting the faces of little girls in Idlib emerged.

The November report was brought to the attention of Congressman French Hill, who represents the area of Arkansas in which the ‘charity’ is based, as he was previously on record as supporting this non-charitable organization.

The continuing unfolding of the Epstein child-trafficking horrors did not have an impact on the congressman, who did not respond to the worrisome report brought to his attention, but who subsequently showed his alliance by receiving members of the SETF/The Wisdom House Project, along with Qatar’s “Caesar” hoax dude in the blue hoodie, and one of sixty million survivors of non-stop torture in Syria’s thirty million torture prisons.

Note that the “death prisons” “survivor” who was “tortured for years” and whose entire family died “in his arms,” is extremely young-looking, presents quite healthy, has a very healthy head of hair, has symmetrical arms and legs, and shows no sign of having been “tortured for years.”

On Christmas Day, this Arkansas funded, women-less women’s center in al Qaeda occupied Idlib claimed to have had a hair-cutting lesson day.

Of course, no women were seen, and the alleged cuts were given to one or two little girls — look at these pretty girls! — these ones, without the garish, cheap hooker appearance make – up.

No women seen at The Wisdom House Project Women’s Center. No photos, either, of hair-cutting lessons – just a little girl, a hair clip, and a crooked part.
Someone might have taken scissors to the hair of the little girl on the left.

This author previously followed the ‘White Helmets’ on Twitter, and had asked how “first responders” could have no training in emergency first response, and, despite tens of millions from the CIA and FCO, they did not have a single stethoscope, to share.

Instead of actually acquiring a stethoscope, the Helmets subsequently acquired scuba gear and eerily recovered the body of a boy on the floor of the Euphrates River, approximately 0.25mi/0.04km from land.

Similarly, the author derided the absurd list of courses The Wisdom House Project’s women-less women’s center claims to give, particularly involving nursing.

Flaunting its seeming impunity in its disturbing marketing of little Syrian girls during this time of Epstein, The Wisdom House Project/SETF ‘charity’ arrogantly claimed the ”nursing course” was “in full swing” with the 6 January “lesson” being to “inject the needle intravenously and draw blood.”

The evidence of this nursing course was an overcrowded room, likely filled with al Qaeda men hidden under dusty burkhas and niqab.

The Wisdom House Project’s photos were an outrageous insult to nurses, to the nursing profession, to phlebotomists, to women, and to everyone with a functioning brain.

The man who staged this absurdity should get a pay cut: The dorsal vein has not been primed for venipuncture; there is no reason for that torqued man hand to be holding the hand which is holding the barrel of the syringe.

Virtually everyone has had a blood draw; has anyone seen such idiocy?

Here we have another perfect gem of cretinism: The ungloved hand is ridiculously placed where blood would drip out at the antecubital insertion. The ridiculously gloved hand has a thumb on the plunger flange, in push position. A blood draw involves the pulling of blood from a vein.

Pretend lesson at a women-less women’s fake nursing course and a fake phlebotomy draw, orchestrated as a fake phlebotomy push, which does not exist.

This lesson is a total scam, as is the fraudulent, unlicensed, unaccredited, nursing course hoax.

Really, who are these people alleged to be the volunteers of Arkansas based The Wisdom House Project charity that only accepts donations through the anti-Syria, State Department approved NGO, SETF, an uncharity that appeared on the scene when the sweet little scripture themed greeting card group disappeared?

Are they innocent seniors on retirement, hired for photographs to sell tee shirts and be directed by members of the SETF? Do they really believe they are helping to fund a women’s center in al Qaeda controlled Idlib, where women are only allowed outside for public executions?

Do they not know they are assisting in something not good being done to little Syrian girls?

Miri Wood

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