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an episode from gaza genocide


The irony is not the heinous crimes committed against Gaza by the children killer Netanyahu, and not by the States Department in the United States of America congratulating the children killer for his victory against other children killers rivals, it’s about the non-Jew Arabs who contributed in the fake ‘elections’..

Ahmad Al-Sawafiri, a Palestinian teacher who lost both legs and left arm after Israel bombed his home in the last assault on Gaza strip, but still not giving up and insisting in creating a new generation in Palestine. ‘We teach life, sir’.

The following photos are to please the US Taxpayers and other sponsors of Israel to see how their money works..

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Ahmad Al-Sawafiri is not an isolated individual tragedy, he’s just an example of hundreds of horrific tragedies in the besieged tiny over crowded strip called Gaza, and thousands others in the rest of Palestine, falling victims for the greed and criminality of the Zionists and their global sponsors.

Gaza Genocide continues slowly.

Photos credit: Hamde Abu Rahma, story:

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