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American Contractors Illegally Operating in Syria are Fleeing to Iraq

US Army - American contractors in Syrian oil fields - file photo

News of several American and other foreign contractors illegally operating in northern Syria for the US occupying forces have started moving into neighboring Iraqi Erbil city, many sources reporting.

The move by the contractors working for the USA in northern Syria without a mandate by the Syrian government and without a United Nations cover to shift their businesses permanently to US and Israel-controlled Kurdistan breakaway province in northern Iraq comes after negotiations between Syrian and US intelligence officers commenced with mediation by states in the Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC.

The direct negotiations have been taking place for several weeks between Syrian intelligence officers and their US counterparts in the Iraqi and Jordanian capitals, Baghdad and Amman, respectively. The talks were followed by meetings between officials from the foreign affairs of the two countries mediated by the Saudis and the UAE to discuss the schedule for the withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

The Americans received a sharp Syrian position on the need for an unconditional withdrawal in exchange for stopping the Syrian Resistance operations east of the Euphrates against the US forces, before talking about any other steps related to the spread of Iran-affiliated groups on the border with Iraq or the fate of CIA agents captured in Syrian prisons, according to Washington.

What is new is that the Americans during the negotiations did not pay any attention to the Kurdish issue, and did not condition any role for the SDF and its branches in Syria’s political future, and therefore the Kurds were thrown in the American trash can, as been the case with every US proxy throughout history.

It is expected that the coming days will witness a complete Kurdish ‘prostration’ by Mazloum Abdi’s group (Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists) to Damascus before it is too late, acceptance of all the conditions of the sovereign Syrian state related to the central state with Damascus as its capital, the deployment of the Syrian Arab Army, Syrian police and security forces east of the Euphrates, and the return of oil, gas, wheat fields, and dams controlled by the NATO-sponsored outfit to the Syrian state completely without quotas.

According to observers in the region, many American contracting companies, led by the Overseas Group of the US State Department, which implemented the project to convert the Rmeilan agricultural airport into an American military base, and other American and French contracting companies responsible for extracting and transporting (stealing) Syrian oil to Erbil, have in the past few days dismantled their headquarters in Hasaka and began operating land flights to Erbil forever.

The negotiations with the American side related to the east of the Euphrates give Damascus a large margin of maneuver in the reconciliation file with Turkey, as it is possible to liberate the east of the Euphrates without the need for Turkey in the first place, and this automatically means liberating Idlib by military force without the need to normalize relations with Ankara in the event that the latter dilutes the negotiations after the elections.

If one of the armies of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance leaves the areas illegally occupied by it in northern Syria, the other will be under extreme pressure, politically, militarily, logistically, and even morally, something countries of the ‘defensive’ alliance are not known to hold any regard to but they’ll lose their last fig leaf for their illegal presence in Syria after 12 years of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people destroying Syria’s infrastructure, massacring Syrian people, displacing millions of them internally and externally across the planet, and turning the cradle of civilization into a hotbed for anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi Zionist terrorists.

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    • Safa Syrea

      Thank you
      Idlib will return with a political solution, but there is a difficulty after it was Turkified with schools, curricula and currency, and a generation grew up that only knows Turkey’s homeland.


    When Israel is finally collapsed, which I believe will happen on or before the end of this year, Syria and the MIDDLE EAST will RISE again to their proper leading ROLE on this planet

    • Safa Syrea

      With the efforts of the axis of resistance, this temporary entity will disappear… But years later we don’t know how many.
      What is important is to protect our homelands from the attacks of world Zionism.

      Thank you

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