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Ambassador Jaafari Slams USA, UK, and France’s Abuse of R2P at UNSC

Syrian Ambassador Jaafari Slams USA, UK, and France for Abusing R2P to Invade Countries at the UNSC

R2P or Responsibility to Protect Civilians in Armed Conflicts act was introduced to the United Nations at the dark times of our recent history where the USA was the sole superpower wrecking havoc across the planet with no counterbalance to it. The idea the R2P act introduced was noble but the purpose behind it was evil.

The Responsibility to Protect Civilians in Armed Conflicts was introduced by its sponsors to give the western governments a legal cover for their breaching of sovereign nations by all means when they, and only they, deem the need to implement R2P.

A stark example where R2P is much needed to be implemented yet the 3 Musketeers desperately resist to implement it is to protect the Palestinian people under occupation and those in the besieged Gaza strip.

A stark example where R2P was abused against its principle it was covered with was the invasion of Libya based on fabricated lies, with no fact-checking, and NATO countries stole the mandate of the UNSC to expand alleged protecting of civilians in Benghazi to a full invasion and destruction of Libya.

Ambassador Jaafari addressed those and mainly the Western attempts to selectively implement the R2P against Syria using terrorist groups they only created and sponsored as the pretext for their intervention attempts. The Syrian ambassador’s statement was during yesterday’s United Nations Security Council session designated to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

In his statement, ‘The Lion of Diplomacy’, as Syrians like to call him, Ambassador Jaafari stripped off the last fig leaf hiding the naked ugliness of the NATO P3 of UNSC – Permanent 3 – at the helm of the World’s supposed to be peacekeeping body, turned by the 3 musketeers into a tool for destabilizing, invading, and destructing sovereign countries.

The Syrian people have suffered for more than eight years from a terrorist war supported and financed by the governments of well-known countries that sponsor international trans-border terrorism.”

Ambassador Jaafari addressing the UNSC

Dr. Jaafari’s statement with English captions:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of Dr. Jaafari’s statement:

Thank you, Mr. President,

My country’s delegation has seen the memo of understanding put up for this session, and we appreciate the high efforts by the permanent delegation of Indonesia in this regard.

My country’s delegation has also seen the Secretary General’s report titled ‘Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts’, and in this regard, I would like to express the absolute reservation of my country’s government on describing the war against Al-Qaeda organizations, ISIS, Nusra Front terrorist (org.) and its affiliated armed groups, my government and its allies are fighting as an ‘Armed Conflict’. There are also many remarks and Syrian national reservations to the erroneous assessments, information, and conclusions contained in this report which will be conveyed to the Secretariat in an official letter.

Mr. President,

The protection of civilians is the responsibility of the State and its sovereign institutions, as they are the only ones authorized to maintain security and stability on their territories and to confront terrorism, violence, and crime, including the cessation of any armed presence and any illegal weapon, that was stated by the Minister in her opening address, thankfully.

On this basis, which is recognized by the national constitutions and recognized by the (UN) Charter, the Syrian Arab Republic will continue, in cooperation with its allies, to exercise its duty and right to protect its citizens from the armed terrorist groups which include tens of thousands of foreign terrorist fighters who have poured into Syria from more than 100 member states In this organization. By the way, this is a documented assessment in the reports of UN Security Council committees and teams that are tasked with countering terrorism, this is not government propaganda; this is an achievement of the counter-terrorism subcommittees in the Security Council.

The Syrian people have suffered for more than eight years from a terrorist war supported and financed by the governments of well-known countries that sponsor transnational terrorism. However, the Syrian state has been able, with the support of the real allies, who uphold the principles of the Charter and its purpose, to maintain the structure and work of its various national institutions and it has fought terrorism with firmness and without hesitation.

In parallel, the Syrian government, in cooperation with the Russian government and other friends, has been able to accomplish important steps that have contributed to stopping the bloodshed, protecting of the civilians, and the restoration of security, and I will mention some of it:

First, large-scale national reconciliation processes that led thousands of armed men to hand over their illegal weapons in return for amnesty and also restored security and stability in areas which were previously controlled by armed terrorist groups, and the return of civilians to their homes and lives.

Second, reaching an agreement on the establishment of the de-escalation zones through the Astana track, the agreement that contributed to the cessation of most of the hostilities and the restoration of the Syrian State’s presence and authority over most of the territories which were controlled by ISIS and Nusra Front terrorists and the armed terrorist organizations associated with them.

Third, full involvement in the political process, in cooperation with the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General to Syria, Mr. Geir Pedersen, and based on Security Council resolution 2254, which provided for a political process led by the Syrians themselves without external interference, the standard that a number of governments are not following and are still impeding the progress of this process through its negative and destructive interference in the decision-making process which is supposed to be owned by the Syrians alone.

Mr. President,

We continue to face a moral and legal crisis that coincides with a crisis of confidence that is beset the collective international action within the framework of the United Nations.

There are governments of countries that have destroyed the capabilities of entire countries such as Libya under the pretext of exercising the responsibility to protect the civilians. There are governments of countries that twist and distort the principles of the Charter and the International Law to exercise military aggression, and the occupation, under the pretext of protecting civilians.

There are governments of countries that impose unilateral coercive economic measures on many peoples of the world in Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Korea, and even call this illegal economic terrorism a part of preventive diplomacy. There are also governments of countries that still have no objection to the desperate defense of the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine and the Syrian Golan and are looking for bankrupt unsustainable deals.

Mr. President,

The protection of civilians and the peoples of the world without exception or discrimination begins with respect for the Charter, without manipulating and distorting it and its purposes in order to justify military aggression and interference in the affairs of other countries.

We all agree that the primary mandate of the Security Council is to maintain international peace and security and to basically prevent the outbreak of conflicts, namely, to address the root causes of armed conflicts. On this basis, we have a real opportunity today to address this issue seriously and to address it at its roots.

This opportunity starts by answering direct questions:

What are the pretexts that were to justify the occupation of Iraq and the destruction of its capabilities? It has been 17 years since the occupation of Iraq and the destruction of its capabilities and have not yet heard an apology from those who invaded Iraq or to justify what they have done or hold those who invaded Iraq accountable.

What were the excuses to justify the aggression on a country like Libya and destroy it? The same thing, with all brazenness and arrogance, Libya was invaded under the pretext of protecting civilians, which led to the division of Libya and its entry into the labyrinth of the armed conflict that you are aware of, and the theft of its resources in hundreds of billions of dollars and pushing the Libyan people into the constitutional darkness, under the pretext of protecting civilians in Libya.

And why have some governments, known to you and some of them are permanent members of this Security Council, why have those governments been involved in the dirty terrorist war on my country, Syria?

Today we are the ones asking questions in this Council, we ask questions and we demand answers.

Let us have the courage to recognize that there are governments of countries with political, military and economic influence, countries working in the open and in the dark to turn the member states of this international organization into a laboratory of bloody experiments that defy the Charter’s opening.

In sum, they are countries that seek and ignite fires, hotbeds of tension and conflicts around the world and then come to play the role of a firefighter or a corrupt police officer.

Thank you, Mr. President.

End of transcript.

The Three Musketeers P3 at UNSC Regime Changers by Terror and Intimidation Worldwide
The Three Musketeers P3 at UNSC Regime Changers by Terror and Intimidation Worldwide

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