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Algerian Authorities Expel NATO Propaganda France 24 Channel

Algerian authorities expels French channel France 24

The Algerian authorities have canceled the license of the French media channel France 24, this comes 3 months after the last warning issued to the channel in March, earlier this year.

Algerian Press Services APS quoted the Algerian Ministry of Communication on the announcement “the withdrawal (of the accreditation of France 24 channel) has been decided over the overt and repeated hostility against our country and its institutions, non-compliance with the rules of professional ethics, as well as disinformation and manipulation.”

The ministry added: “It should be recalled that the Ministry of Communication had sent, on March 13, a final warning to this TV news channel for its “blatant bias” in the coverage of the Friday demonstrations in Algeria.”

Algeria had a long history with foreign media that worked hard against its sovereignty and supported foreign elements, the French media like their officials, in particular, never forgave the Algerians for liberating their country from the French occupation which committed some of the world’s most horrific crimes against the Algerian people that resulted in more than 1.5 million deaths, countless missing, and tortures, the French even carried out a nuclear bomb against 40,000 Algerians in the last century to study the effects of nuclear bombs on human bodies. These atrocities are not seen highlighted in French media as much as we continue to see demonizing propaganda against Algerian patriotic figures who fought against the occupation and oppression.

Added the negative coverage of the Algerian people’s struggle against foreign-funded terrorism in what is known as the ‘dark decade’ in the country, similarly to western media coverage of the Syrian people’s fight against international terrorism waged against them by some of the world’s superpowers and super-rich countries.

Syria learned the lesson the hard way when it finally evicted all foreign media from the country after catching the manager of Reuter’s office in Syria, a Jordanian Khalid Oweis, putting words in the mouth of a Syrian Army soldier who was rushed on a stretcher to the National Hospital in Daraa after receiving a bullet from the side of the protesters dubbed ‘peaceful protesters’ by western media, the soldier replied to a question by the Reuters reporter: ‘we were shot at from the protesters’ side’, the Reuters reporter would repeat in a higher voice: ‘You’re telling your officer shot you because you refused to shoot at the protesters?’ and the soldier was gasping for breath and shouting ‘no, we were shot at by the protesters, we were not armed’, and the Reuters criminal reporter would repeat: ‘why would your security officer shoot you if you were unarmed?, and this is what was reported by Reuters and parrotted by all western media and their regional stooges. Luckily, the full encounter was caught by another cameraman at the hospital and it was aired on Syrian TV channel, Reuters manager was arrested and as usual a western campaign against Syria’s right to arrest war criminals in order to release him, he was released and all western media were evicted from the country.

Algeria did exactly the same to Reuters reporter when it expelled him back in early 2019 for the same reason, so it’s not the current leadership view only of this NATO mouthpiece and others parroting it.

Algerian Ministry of Communication concluded in its statement today: “The bias of France 24 in the coverage of the Friday marches is blatant, going so far as to resort, without restraint, to archival footages to help anti-national remnants consisting of reactionary or separatist organizations,” the Communication Ministry said.”

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