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Aleppo: Army Finds Filthy Field Hospital, Weapons, in Diverted School

Syrian Arab Army units found a filthy field hospital — and weaponsduring a cleanse of the newly liberated from filthy, pathogenic terrorists, in Hayyan town, Aleppo countryside, 20 February. Before civilians can return home, sappers and other experts must comb every centimeter to ensure the filthy savages have not left behind explosive gifts which kill, maim, and otherwise dismember.

The Army units found utter squalor in the Ibn Hayyan private school, which was seized by the human garbage beloved by too many members of Capitol Hill, EU politicians, and the NATO klan running the UN.

As all civilized persons know, it is heroic altruism that guides the savages into stealing schools and replacing children with weapons and medical equipment so filthy that any terrorists treated in the field hospital had a much-diminished survival rate.

The videos is also available on BitChute.

Some of the filthy medical devices — flash autoclave will not help — were from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the two tyrannies which spent hundreds of billions in their competition for the final solution against Syria.


In addition to filthy medical equipment, dirty packages of medicines, piles of filthy things that appeared to have been sterilely wrapped, really disgusting masks, and UNICEF boxes, the Army units also found TOW missiles and a launching pad in the school appropriated for better use: Filth, depravity, criminal insanity, and surely some Captagon moments.

A few bloody vehicles were also abandoned near the disgusting field hospital.

field hospital
Filthy vehicle abandoned outside the school stolen to be transformed into a TOW warehouse and filthy field hospital.

No incubators were found at the site of this filthy, fetid field hospital and at this writing it is unknown if the NATO klan at the UN will hold another emergency meeting to inquire about the whereabouts of the filthy human pathogens.

Is this filth why Kelly Craft screeched this is the end of the world! at recent NATO klan meeting at the UN?

Miri Wood

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