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Al Qaeda’s Prominent Recruit Trump: New Anti-Syria Attack


Al Qaeda’s prominent recruit, President Donald J. Trump has unleashed another massive anti-Syria propaganda attack.  On Monday morning, 15 May, Fox & Friends anchor cum State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert thanked the media for their assemblage ”quickly.”  In her introduction of Stuart Jones, Ass. Sec. of the Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Nauert claimed Jones would be releasing “newly declassified reporting.”

Al Qaeda’s most prominent recruit, Trump ordered an urgent meeting with msm.

Al Qaeda’s prominent recruit Trump appears to have self-radicalized on 4 April.  On that date, for the US President, fake news! CNN abruptly became Moses on the mount, and the lies of the Brit illegal in Syria — a man embedded with Jabhat al Nusra in Khan Sheikhoun, a man indicted for terrorism, a man whose medical license was revoked — were etched in stone.

Nauert’s introduction of Jones included some odd braying about the recent Tillerson-Lavrov meeting.  She said that Russia and the US have the “same goals” for Syria, “a unified and stable nation.”  She did not mention that Syria was unified and stable prior to the NATO imposed conspiracy to destroy the country.  As for the “newly declassified reporting,” after three readings of the transcript, it remains elusive, as the quickly assembled media is using a February photo as their featured, in reporting:

This “photo” originally appeared in February.

Though the above February shot has the look of satellite imagery, the 15 May re-share describes it as “forensic architecture.”  Forensic architecture is playing doll house with digital graphics.  The site is reputedly the Syrian prison, Saydnaya.  

saydnaya prison
Et voila! Reportedly “declassified,” but appearing to be the same.

The urgency of al Qaeda’s prominent recruit Trump, to discharge a new barrage of anti-Syria propaganda proved to be too much pressure on Jones, who literally choked on his lies, and had to apologize for his coughing.  Jones’ critical statement was pretty much an inventory of criminal propaganda against Syria — which has consistently projected the atrocities of the terrorists onto the  government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The facts we’re presenting today are based on reporting from international and local nongovernmental organizations, press reporting, and also Intelligence Community assessments. — Stuart Jones, saying there are no facts, just stuff that people who hate Syria are saying. This is what US ”intelligence” has become.

Every country in the world has prisons, because every country in the world has criminals, some of whom actually get convicted after their trials.  This is a bit too much for the inherent colonialist mind; despite non-stop police shows from Hollywood, this colonialist mindset is always amenable to eating propaganda nonsense against countries we wish to destroy.  Crime becomes irrelevant in propaganda reporting:  Rami Abdulrahman was a convicted felon in Syria, who escaped another trial by ‘fleeing’ to the UK (more than a decade ago), where he was remade from felon to ‘political prisoner,’ and given lots of money from Brit intelligence to create the ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rites,’ which in turn is used as an authority by NATO-run msm.  Similarly, the convicted drug dealer Ahmed al Jarba was transformed.

al jarba drug dealer
In 2014, convicted drug dealer was made ‘president’ of the NATO-run ‘Syrian National Council’

Additionally, in these paradoxical Utopias — under threat of destruction by the US/UK/France genocide triplets — not only is there no crime, but the jails are all the personal property of the demonized head of state, and each is one of his most notorious.

In was in early February, that Amnesty — a leader in what Cory Morningstar has named The Non-Profit Industrial Complex — attempted this propaganda campaign against Syria.  Its geopolitical meshugas creation came as a result of a Syrian criminal being arrested.  Abdulhadi Kamel had issued an apology to his country, for having been duped into joining the terrorist White Helmets.  In an effort to un-sully the terrorists, Amnesty claimed he was a political prisoner, probably being held in this jail.

The underlying purpose of this campaign…is to find a common base upon which the idealists of the world can cooperate…it matters more to harness the enthusiasm of the helpers than to bring people out of prison.  With regard to the latter, as a friend pointed out to me, the real martyrs prefer to suffer, and, as I would add, the real saints are no worse off in prison than elsewhere on this earth, for they cannot be prevented by stone or bars from spiritual conversation.  From this last point stems the motto of the campaign, ‘The Truth Will Set You Free.’  Those whom the Amnesty Appeal primarily aims to free are the men and women imprisoned by cynicism, and doubt. — Brit ‘attorney’ and Amnesty founder, manipulative Peter Benenson, in 1961

It launched a petition campaign to have Kamel released, and issued a policy paper condemning the Syrian prison, despite its own admission of never having visited it.  The paper plagiarized from a report on a slaughterhouse found in Aleppo, after the city was liberated from terrorist occupation.  Amnesty’s rancid lies went so far as to claim Syria’s Grand Mufti — again, with zero evidence — was the overseer of mass executions at Saydenya prison.

John Mesler, of Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun: “A gentle man of peace and integrity.”

Not surprising, the money-making propaganda NP made no mention of the fact that one of the Mufti’s son’s — a student, not involved in politics — was assassinated with his professor, in an ambush  by criminals who belong in prison.

Even The Independent, notorious for anti-Syria propaganda, attested to the noble character of this man.

Again, it must be pointed out that the mouthpiece of al Qaeda’s prominent recruit, self-radicalized Trump, offered nothing remotely resembling evidence, nothing “declassified” or otherwise.  Instead, he brayed about the desire to impose the fascist UNSCR 2254 against the Syrian people.  Instead, he bleated about the fraudulent “caesar” photos funded by the terrorist absolute monarchy, Qatar.  With no evidence, he stated that the prison cells built to hold five, were jammed with 70.   Does this absurdity never end?  It is impossible for a room built for five to cram in seventy.

Instead, Ass. Secretary Jones added a fake crematorium to the fake photos of the Saydayna prison — which houses criminals:  “We now believe that [Syria] has installed a crematorium in the Saydnaya prison complex…” (emphasis added).  Part of this belief comes from a rare Syrian winter snow, having actually melted!!! — on 15 January 2017.  

Related msm moist frenzy throughout the day, demanded to know if al Qaeda’s prominent recruit, Trump, was now going to murder Syrian soldiers, again — or, minimally, if the crematorium that does not exist was going to be bombed (the skinny-lipped Spicer played coquette in  his non-answer).  Among other bits of non-evidence culled from human rights activists such as Jahbat al Nusra, noted in Jones’ statement:

  • a “probable” “discharge stack”
  • a “probable” “firewall”
  • a “probable” “air intake”

These “probable” unthings “would be consistent if they were building a crematorium.”  Crematorium is a chilling word, bringing to mind horrific things.  Strangely, not brought to mind when this word was ejaculated, were the Syrians baked in the industrial ovens of Adra, by FSA criminal death squads, December 2013.

Toujours des anamoles…a US press conference concerning itself with another country’s prison, and no reporter mentions Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo.

Strangely, also not brought to mind with the chilling thought of death by fire, are the UK/US Dresden Firebombing massacres of 1945.  A photograph of some of the 130,000 German civilians massacred in the non-military firebombings:

Is al Qaeda’s prominent recruit projecting?

Ass. Secretary Jones did not have time to answer the one important question of the lying press conference:  ” — on ending the attacks against the opposition, does this include ISIS and al-Nusra?”

Reporter, State Dept., al Qaeda prominent recruit all consider ISIS and al Nusra “opposition”?

The why of al Qaeda’s prominent recruit, self radicalized Donald J. Trump waited from February to May to do a really cheap lipstick on a pig makeover, was quickly answered.  Trump probably has a financial interest in the refreshment stand that will be open for movie night at the UN incestuous offspring NGO — UN Association of New York.  As part of the UN’s commitment to being a “place to demolish peace and security, to destabilize societies,”  this progeny will hold a screening of the anti-Syria propaganda flick, “Syria’s Disappeared.”

This is the film of two former BBC employees. In his pre- al Qaeda prominent recruit PEOTUS days, Trump once accurately — and caustically — called this corporation “another beauty!”

This is the film of ‘former’ BBC employees. In his pre-al Qaeda prominent recruit PEOTUS days, Trump once accurately called this corporation “another beauty!”

Various national msm ran previews of the movie, possibly the bestest being from Yahoo!  This tends toward that which is apt, as the braying yahoos were the human-like creatures that Gulliver met in the Country of the Houyhnhnms.  Gulliver described the garbage-eating yahoos as “the most filthy, noisome, and deformed animals which nature ever produced.”

Will al Qaeda’s prominent recruit have a front row seat, while he ponders murdering more Syrians?



— Miri Wood, RNc

Postscript:  The Yahoo! author shows a hint of impressive wordsmanship.  Before quickly moving into the ham-fisted anti-Syria propaganda, he describes the post BBC production star as getting arrested “…while sipping tea…” (and then spending 18 months in one of those “most notorious” jails).  According to the main character’s Facebook profile, he now resides in the Netherlands, and formerly worked for Schlumberger, the French-Dutch-Anglo-American international.   This main character appears to have been cast for his androgynous, cachectic, and profound look of terminal illness — none of which could be explained from having been “tortured,” as the human body has the phenomenal ability to return itself to a standard of a healthy look, despite even gunshot wounds and massive fist-pounding.


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