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Al Qaeda Bomb Kills Russian Serviceman on Humanitarian Corridor

Russian troops in Syria الجيش الروسي في سوريا

A Russian serviceman was murdered by an al Qaeda bomb that appears to have been remotely detonated. Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that on 9 September, in Homs, “during the reconnaissance by the Russian military police on the route of the humanitarian convoy, an explosive device installed on the side of the road was detonated.”

The serviceman’s wounds were so traumatic that he succumbed, despite receiving immediate emergency care.

It is a perverse irony that the P3 members of the UNSC who consistently bark about not enough humanitarian corridors being forced open against the Syrian Arab Republic, and that the ilk whose countries have armed al Qaeda in Syria will avert its collective gaze instead of acknowledging his murder.

Syria News extends our condolences to the family of the martyred serviceman, and to the Russian Federation.

May his memory be for a blessing.

The Russian military has been actively engaged on the side of the Syrian Arab Army in the war on terror in Syria since the end of September 2015, the Russian soldiers, pilots, sappers, and navy servicemen have contributed a considerable effort in the defeat of the backbone of the NATO-sponsored terrorist groups in Syria, mainly Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot, in addition to offering humanitarian relief, mediating and brokering ceasefire deals, and providing medical assistance to the Syrian people. The Russian servicemen in Syria have also paid in blood and sweat to defend Syria, Russia, and even the citizens of NATO member states from the terrorism that would have spread uncontrollably had it won in Syria.

Russian army personnel from all ranks including generals, Russian diplomats, and Russian doctors were killed in this war, the world should honor every sacrifice made to keep it safe and humanity should point the right fingers at the culprits in destabilizing and terrorizing innocent people across the globe.

— Miri Wood & Arabi Souri

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Defending one’s land and family and dying doing so is a great honor by itself, RIP to all the heroes of the Syrian and Russian armies and the Syrian allied forces who died so we can continue living free and not fall preys to the evil empire’s hegemony.


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