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Al Qaeda Avenging Bombing of Israel, Attack the Syrian Army

Syrian Army eliminates a group of Al Qaeda Turkistan Islamist Party terrorists

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in northwestern Syria carried out waves of terrorist attacks against the Syrian Arab Army posts in the southern Idlib countryside and northern Latakkia countryside, the Syrian army repelled the attacks successfully.

Avenging the bombing of northern ‘Israel’ yesterday, the NATO-sponsored Turkish army-affiliated Nusra Front (al Qaeda Levant) and the Turkistan Islamist Party (ISIS) attacked the Syrian Arab Army posts in two different axes in the northwest of Syria consecutively, in both attacks the vigilant Syrian Arab Army SAA units repelled the attacks and inflict serious casualties among the attackers.

Shortly after midnight, on the al Fatatra axis in southern Idlib, the SAA units protecting the liberated villages managed to kill several terrorists and wound many others of the Nusra Front (aka HTS) with help of the SAA artillery shredding the attackers and their dens they launched their attacks from.

Syrian Army eliminates a group of Al Qaeda Turkistan Islamist Party terrorists
Who finances and arms these terrorists on the United Nations Security Council’s terrorist list with all the advanced weapons and communication devices?

Local sources reported dense clashes in the area, the Syrian Ministry of Defense later confirmed in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA the reports and pointed to the coordinated involvement of the SAA artillery in these clashes.

In northern Latakia countryside, northwest of Syria, the Syrian Arab Army units repelled an attack by a group of the NATO-sponsored Turkistan (anti-Islamic) Islamist Party (ISIS – ISIL – Daesh) terrorists, the attack was foiled and several terrorists were killed including a so-called Abu Qutada, a commander in the terrorist group.

The body of the killed commander was taken by the SAA for further investigations with the Russian authorities, and most likely with Chinese security. The CIA with the help of ‘intelligence’ agencies from a number of Gulfies states and the Turkish MiT recruit terrorists for this Turkistan Islamist Party from Central Asia all the way from the Chinese Uighur to northern Turkey, Washingnton’s created Green Belt that surrounds southern Russia and west of China.

Both of the terrorist groups in these two attacks in southern Idlib countryside and northern Latakia countryside are the most ideologically loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization. Nothing stops this madman Erdogan from spilling the blood of innocent people, especially mainstream Muslims, and Christians even in Islam’s holiest Ramadan fasting month, just like his masters in Tel Aviv.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, on its part, reported the attack of the anti-Islamic Turkistan Islamist Party foiled by the Syrian Arab Army in northwest Syria, the Russian sources added that 3 of the attackers were killed in this attack.

Analysts in northern Syria connected these attacks with the overall NATO escalation across the globe as their Ukraine project is failing miserably, and the analysts link the timing of these particular two terrorist attacks to the bombing of northern ‘Israel’ – occupied Palestine yesterday pointing to the close relationship between the terrorist groups in Syria and Israel.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    al Qaeda and its offshoots and affiliates work with NATO and its offshoots and affiliates, whoever says otherwise justifies the terrorism brought by these evil forces.

    • Roy

      Maybe, but until someone kills all those people connected to NATO who supposedly do so, we can’t be sure that they’re the only ones, after all there are lots of people running loose in the USA killing performance artists just because they don’t like their lyrics; doctors on the loose killing civilians because they don’t like people who don’t like war; it’s very sick in the USA and anyone who says so is deemed as severely mentally ill. Of course we know the source of the illness are those who claim that snow is black and black is white. Nothing but lies will ever emanate from their mouths.

      • Roy

        This is a US vet’s view of America;
        The brutal war of the parasite class against the American people has entered a new and deadly phase. At the moment that we should be organizing to stop the spread of poisoned food, the release of dangerous chemicals in the atmosphere as part of classified geoengineering projects, and the destruction of money and of the local economy through the radical empowerment of Wall Street and multinational investment banks, at this critical moment we are being fed the sensationalist arraignment of former president Donald Trump on the charges of paying off a porn star to keep secret about their relationship.
        This myopic focus on a lascivious affair at the moment that war has been declared on the American people is no accident.

        The corporate media screams out about a profound ideological struggle between the left and the right, one that could lead to a civil war between conservative militias in rural areas and so-called “progressive forces”, backed by the Biden administration, on the coasts, and in the cities.

        Although such a scenario is most certainly possible, perhaps already well under way, it is but the tip of the iceberg.

        Deep beneath the screaming headlines, behind the frantic bloggers of various ideological shapes and colors, and below the insipid news reports that are only invigorated by references to sexual relations between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, is the steel fist hidden in the velvet glove.


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