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Al-Bab: NATO Forces Infighting Massacre 10 Civilians, Maim 32 Others

Al Bab city Aleppo NATO Terrorists infighting kills 10 Syrian people injure 32 others مجزرة في قصف متبادل بين قوات الناتو من القاعدة والجيش التركي ضد قوات قسد الكردية في مدينة الباب

NATO forces continue their war crimes against the Syrians in northern Syria, their infighting resulted in a new massacre killing 10 civilians in the Al-Bab city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo province.

The NATO forces fighting under the banner of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the Turkish army, NATO’s 2nd largest army, and its proxies, the Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists engaged in an indiscriminate shelling with NATO’s Kurdish SDF separatist militias who fight under the banner or the Biden forces, all of these forces are illegally operating in Syria.

Al Bab city Aleppo NATO Terrorists infighting kills 10 Syrian people injure 32 others مجزرة في قصف متبادل بين قوات الناتو من القاعدة والجيش التركي ضد قوات قسد الكردية في مدينة الباب

In addition to the killing of 10 innocent civilians, the infighting left 32 others injured and large damage in the people’s properties and public facilities in the city, most of the victims were killed when a rocket fell in the city’s main market, the terrorists are accusing each other of this heinous massacre while the Al Qaeda’s ‘civil defense’ aka the White Helmets terrorists are having their day for propaganda with their staged high-quality footage and pictures proved very effective on the western majority of ignorant public opinion.

Local sources from the Al-Bab city said that the terrorists intensively used missiles and heavy artillery in their infighting which lasted for several hours today morning, Wednesday 02 February.

The disregarding for human losses from these ongoing massacres and war crimes against the Syrian people committed by NATO’s assorted forces in northern Syria is widely ignored by Western mainstream media, the United Nations and its different ‘humanitarian’ organizations, NGO’s, and the very useless NATO-dominated United Nations Security Council, all of these entities would, otherwise, deafen the world with their condemnations against the Syrian army if they could accuse it with their own crimes.

Al-Bab, occupied by Al Qaeda terrorists with the help of the Turkish army since December 2016, the city is a strategic urban center on the road between the city of Aleppo and the city of Manbij which was occupied by different NATO forces, in 2012 it was infested by the so-called Al Qaeda FSA, two years later in 2014, it was overrun by ISIS, NATO’s most criminal mercenaries, and two years after that in 2016 it was infested by the Kurdish SDF separatists. Destroying the Syrian cities was always the goal of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people since March 2011.

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  1. James Graham

    Thanks Pal. I have had a minor breakthrough this end. Someone has blabbed and admitted our “refugees” are Syrian Opposition, just as I said all along. I have been stonewalled and history has been rewritten here. We took in Chilean refugees in the 1970’s, They were pro-Gov Allende supporters. They were not NATO backed Chilean Opposition and Pinochet’s forces. The authorities have told the locals it is the same as the Chileans as it is with these “Syrian refugees” when it is the opposite. I have a plan to bring in help from the outside as I have been betrayed by all and sundry here. It’s absurd. They know lying to me is futile and I always win in the end…no matter how long it takes. Good luck and best wishes to you.


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