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A New Chemical Attack False Flag Unfolding against Syria

White Helmets mass kidnappings of children in 2018; were they murdered for the Douma chemical attack false flag?

Another chemical attack false flag seems to be unfolding against Syria. Within 13 hours of this journal suggesting that the Nazi junta ruling the UNSC is growing bored with its own monthly hoax meeting, a DC-based journal and an Israel-based journal played team-tag suggesting the time is neigh for another similar war crime against the Syrian people.

The duet quickly grew into a quartet, when joined by a NATO-funded NGO that functions as the Public Relations firm for an armed terrorist gang of child-traffickers, the child kidnappers, themselves (we do not claim quintet, as the humanitarian gang called “a branch of French intelligence services” kept a bit of a distance from the kidnappers without stethoscopes).

In our December report on the monthly chemical hoax files, we suggested that even the rabid dogs of war ruling the UNSC might be getting bored with the tedium, as two of the P3 were elsewhere, involved in potential new war crimes and in negotiations with the sun — completely ignoring the meeting having occurred — while the third did not even bother to post his standard full statement to the Council.

The article is pretty much straight-forward, maybe a bit irksome to a certain US ambassador to the United Nations, but Israel taking umbrage at it did come as a bit of a surprise.

Within 13 hours of publication of our report, someone put a giant flea into the ear of the Washington Post, to write a lying report — under National Security, no less — which pimped Israel’s war criminal bombings of Syria to the corrupt on Capitol Hill, and specifically normalized the 8 June bombing — more than six months ago, especially curious as Israel engages in monthly war crimes against Syria; this month it bombed Nescafe containers in the seaport of Lattakia — as blowing up some nascent chemical weapons factories that do not exist.

Israel bombing blow up Nescafe containers in Latakia Seaport

That someone must have been the author’s Godmother, as the report stressed it was not Israel suddenly being the chatterbox about a six-month-old war crime. Not so oddly, Ha’aretz reported that WaPo reported that “Israel official said…”. This is a cute plausible deniability that Israel frequently employs.

So, after a report from us, suggesting that the unindicted war criminals ruling the UN have grown bored with the monthly chemical file con job, suddenly comes the Israeli claim that Syria is rebuilding its formal and fully declared, chemical arsenal.

WaPorn is a bit ironic, or merely engaged in sadistic piety with Democracy Dies in Darkness under banner, given both its notorious lying, consistent war propaganda, and the fact that ”democracy” is Newspeak for “genocide.”

Let us not forget that the same WaPo now pimping another chemical weapons lie about Syria, per Israel, also pimped Bush II’s genocidal WMDs in Iraq (later feigning the same gullibility proclaimed by the 57% of the Democratic Senate who supported the destruction of that country.). Let us be mindful of at least some of the outcomes of its previous vicious pimping.

Iraqi baby deformed by US bombing with P4.

The Israel/WaPorn lying claim that Israel’s war criminal bombing of Syria (a double war crime if we factor in all the times the US’s biggest welfare queen illegally entered Lebanese airspace to bomb the SAR) has, indeed, been reported by the NATO stenographers and their Gulfies cohorts, but it has not been viralized.

This is likely due to the intractable grief within the western world, related to two years of humanity being bombarded with all things COVID: Children being considered killer pathogens in need of being bound and gagged to keep the same grandparents who were infected when states dumped sick people into their homes; loss of small businesses; denial of non-emergency health care; food insecurity; increased homelessness…

The walking dead cannot cheer the British terrorist former physician should he return to television with another lying chemical attack. The walking dead will not pay to be insulted over stories of underground hospitals. The walking dead no longer have an interest in cheering a criminal who claims to be performing surgery without a license, without anesthesia.

The vermin have overplayed their hand.

Emotional war porn can not manipulate the walking dead.

As such, the war pornographers are playing a new game of mix and match, a very sloppy one, to be directed at the criminal media who are indictable for crimes against humanity (Nuremberg VI), to the unindicted diplomats getting bored by their own monthly fictions, and to the carpetbaggers of the NATO world, whose fictitious capital increases with every bomb dropped on a sovereign nation, with every 500,000 dead children, whose deaths were “worth it.”

A map of mostly the African continent seemingly should not be part of a report on a plot for a very possible false flag chemical attack. This is not of our doing, but part of the crazy script being carried out by the stage actors whose rotted NGO’s have taken a massive hit during these nightmare years of C19.

MSF brings in African in its contribution to the chemical attack plot.

The Syria Campaign, that “shadowy PR firm lobbying for regime change” generally functions as the terrorist White Helmets biggest propaganda outlet. Our readers know that these NATO armed contras disgustingly called “first responders” have received 100s of millions from NATO intelligence services around the world, yet they have no stethoscope, they cannot perform CPR, they do not know how to bag. Our readers know they have been called “organ thieves,” “killers,” “terrorists” by local Syrians who have survived life under their weapons, to bear witness. We have provided massive evidence of their kidnapping techniques.

The Campaign appears to have decided to build on the WarPorn/Israel foundation which will require a chemical attack.

Hours after the WaPo and Haaretz fraud, Campaign attempted to engage in an Operation Lazarus for the contra Helmets, with the assistance of MSF Southern Africa.

Criminal NGO brings in MSF & Helmets to further lay foundation for false flag chemical attack

Médecins sans frontières (MSF, “Doctors without Borders”) has been called “une branche des services de renseignement français” by former UN ambassador, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari. It appears to have made its first step toward criminal entry into the SAR by treating FSA terrorists in the Arsal ‘Syrian refugee’ camp in Lebanon, according to an eyewitness report of 2015.

The 501(c) NGO with taxpayer funding has been pimping for NATO against Syria since November 2015. As it is not permitted in the Levantine Republic, it thrashes about word games claiming that it ”supports,” “funds,” “supplies,” or magically “co-manages” unhospitals in the SAR. In every country of the world, real hospitals are managed by their governments, and anyone setting up shop without authorization is practicing without licensure, no matter what slippery language is being used. Countries are obligated by their own laws to suspend licenses of those who criminally practice, elsewhere. Western supremacist exceptionalism makes exceptions contrary to law when it comes to Syria.

Illicit French intelligence operatives in Syria not opposed to assisting with false flag chemical attack in part of its 'humanitarian' work?
Illicit French intelligence operatives in Syria not opposed to assisting with false flag chemical attack in part of its ‘humanitarian’ work?

The zombification campaign against western humanity has also hit MSF in its bank accounts, forcing it to join the NATO Campaign gang in increasing lies for giving politicians and phony diplomats a cover story for any future bombing of Syria for al Qaeda, upon a new false flag chemical attack.

MSF posted a blurb of a ‘press release’ to its website about “mass casualty influx” from an alleged aerial bombing in Idlib, to its ‘co-managed’ and unlicensed facility on 13 December, two days later, and quoted a fake physician as its Orwellian “Medical Activity Manager” (it might behoove this illicit group to clean up its creepy language — “there were shrapnel wounds all over her small body” — given the discovery of some Syrian children being marketed on the dark web, by others).

After the WaPo/Haaretz chemical con, the illicit and unlicensed NGO charity pinned the report to its wall.

Unlike the NATO-backed The Syria Campaign which threw laurels at the NATO-owned White Helmets and the illicit branch of French intelligence services, the MSF only threw laurels at itself.

Such distancing was a good idea given there was no evidence of any bombing, and the savage Helmets provided more evidence of their kidnapping of children.

Even ordinary sadists pretending to be health professionals tend to distance themselves from the kidnappers of little girls, as most stranger abductions result in sexual abuse including being marketed — despite the criminal perverts assisting in the staging of a possible chemical attack.

If the ridiculous photographs in the White Helmets’ tweets are an indication, this terrorist and takfiri gang of likely Captagon-fueled violent criminals has also taken a hit in the wallet department. There appears to have been a major cut back in emotion pornography choreographed stage settings.

Even the script-writers have become indolent, doing reruns on the absurd: One day before the alleged bombing that the humanitarian bastards neglected to report, the NATO not funded for a while vermin reported that they have spent much of the past year fishing bodies out of the river — a ridiculous storyline from 2017.

“Early today” which seemed to be at night, the demon Helmets claimed to have spent four hours putting out a four alarm fire in the food warehouse which is probably the place the humanitarian goods coming from the Bab al Hawa crossing ends up, with no distribution accountability (because of al Qaeda terrorists still occupying this region).

The claim of nocturnal fire-fighting being in the daylight hours, sloppily preceded the claim that an aerial bombing caused injuries that overwhelmed an MSF unhospital, though MSF has done the plausible deniability thing in not mentioning the al Nusra Helmets.

The State Department contras then tweeted a pathetic ménage à trois in photographs that do not show even a shred of evidence of any bombing. We are treated to two kidnappers each carrying a shoe-less child through a park area, a phony corpse being carried off an ambulance (not only has the guy’s shoes not been stolen — evidence of murder — but his feet are at a perfect right angle to his ankles, only possible through intention), and four guys in white helmets carrying something on a stretcher toward something that looks like a tent.

Most insidious — and arrogant — is the video that the death squad savages tell us to watch.

"Watch," the kidnappers tell us. Will this girl begging for her mommy end up murdered & blamed on a false chemical attack, as the savages did  in Khan Sheikhoun?
“Watch,” the kidnappers tell us. Will this girl begging for her mommy end up murdered & blamed on a false chemical attack, as the savages did in Khan Sheikhoun?

We recommend that the carpetbaggers of Capitol Hill, Hollywood, and the NATO Nazi diplomats ruling the United Nations heed the savages’ advice, and WATCH.

Watch the two little girls. Listen to one begging for her mommy, while the stranger kidnapper White Helmet tries to shut her up offering her a toy, but she is screaming and crying for her mother.

What do stranger kidnappers do with stolen children? They rape them, they sell them, and they murder them.

Over 250 people were kidnapped near Khan Sheikhoun prior to that false flag chemical attack of 4 April 2017. Dozens were kidnapped in Douma one year later, for that false flag chemical attack. Please refer to the intentionally blurred featured image: These are children kidnapped by the White Helmets two months earlier (video, here). The terrified older girl managed to try to comfort the younger children, even while screaming for help, after having been brutalized with moulage trauma make-up.

On 14 December, the day the French intelligence service illegals suddenly remembered treating 15 people — mostly women and children, of course — three days earlier, possibly transported to their unhospital on a flying carpet, the child trafficking al Qaeda Helmets lied about defusing a mortar which silently landed on a different unhospital in Idlib.

Idiotic precursor to another false flag chemical attack.
Idiotic precursor to another false flag chemical attack.

Though the human zombies will not care, the rabid dogs of war carpetbagging politicians™ and the corrupt scientists™ and Faustian physicians™ made need a break from the media. Perhaps this is why noises have been made that the clock is ticking toward another false flag chemical attack against Syria.

Miri Wood

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