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800 Displaced Families Return to Maarat Noman in Idlib Province

800 Syrian displaced families return to Maarat Noman in Idlib countryside - عودة 800 عائلة لاجئين إلى معرة النعمان في ادلب

800 displaced families returned to their homes in the city of Maarat Noman (Ma’arrat al-Nu’man) in the southeastern countryside of Idlib after liberating the city from NATO-sponsored terrorists and after extensive work in removing all landmines and explosives planted by the terrorists before their departure.

The local authorities in Idlib headed by the governor of the province welcomed the returnees and facilitated their safe return to their homes while municipal and public services continue working around the clock to ensure that all essentials needed by the displaced returnees are met.

The following video from the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel and the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel show side of the event:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


It has been 11 years since we left Maarat Noman (Ma’arrat al-Nu’man), and praise be to God, God has honored us now by returning to Maarat Noman and, God willing, good will prevail to all.

We met our friends whom we haven’t seen for about 11 years and thank God the meeting was very happy.

We do not give our joy to anyone when we learned of the possibility of returning to our country and seeing our homes.

The people expressed their great joy at returning to their homes, stressing that they will work to rehabilitate their city as soon as possible.

Praise be to God, we are very happy. God willing, all the absentees will return and be reunited with their families.

Today, the great joy is our return so that we can raise our heads from the first and the new and reconstruct our country, Maarrat al-Noman.

When a person returns to his home, to his country, to the soil of his homeland, this is the greatest joy for us, and God willing, all the absentees will return and everyone will be satisfied.

I have been away from my city for 3 years, I want to kiss the soil of Maarat al-Noman.

Residents of the city will be able to visit the citizens’ reception center that has been designated to facilitate the return of families and submit requests for return, while government agencies are carrying out the reconstruction process, restoring public and service facilities, and rehabilitating schools.

Hussam Al-Shab, the Syrian news anchor from the city of Maarat Noman.

End of the transcript.

Contrary to the claims of western officials and their mainstream media propagandists: when the NATO-sponsored ‘moderate rebels’ entered the Syrian towns, the locals fled and when the towns are liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, the locals returned.

Most of the civilians were internally displaced, within the Syrian government-controlled areas whenever they were able to, and the rest were herded toward the north to Turkey, toward the south to Jordan, and the others went to Lebanon in the west. A small percentage of the Syrian refugees managed to reach Europe.

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