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6 things about islam everyone has to know as a basic learning before one falls p

6 things about Islam everyone has to know as a basic learning before one falls prey to media masters and starts stereotyping and generalizing..

6 Things about Islam that everyone has to know

These are 6 things that every person needs to know about ISLAM and Muslims. Please help educate the people who just don't know the facts about ISLAM and who have been misinformed by the Media. Everyone can do a little which would mean allot, SHARE!!!Key Points of This VideoIntroduction [start time 00:00]Do Muslims hate Jesus? [start time 00:59]What does Jihad mean? [start time 01:33]Who is a Martyr?Are Muslims savages in war? [start time 02:40]Do women have rights in Islam? [start time 03:35]Was Islam spread by the sword? [start time 04:41]Are Muslims terrorists? [start time 05:50]Conclusion [start time 07:15]________________________________________Please subscribe to my youtube channel´sub_confirmation=1Become a contributor to TheDeenShow

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