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Thirty-Eight New COVID 19 Cases in Syria and Two Deaths

Coronavirus COVID 19 cases in Syria stats - Syria News

The Syrian Ministry of Health added 38 new cases of COVID 19 in the country Monday, the 3rd of August 2020 to its stats.

Twelve of the previous cases recovered, as per the ministry, which also added that two of the previously diagnosed cases with positive COVID 19 have died raising the toll of dead patients with COVID 19 to 46.

For further information about the virus outbreak in Syria and the Syrian authorities handling of it, you can refer to our previous stats post.

The regime of Donald Trump and his NATO and Gulfies allies and stooges are working hard to prevent Syria from confronting the virus through methods of sanctions, intimidation against foreign trade partners, and terrorist attacks in its War of Attrition and War of Terror it’s waging against the Syrian people for over 9.5 years. The methods followed by the USA and EU include a new regime of sanctions dubbed the Caesar Act, renewed crippling EU sanctions for a further year until June 2021, and by stealing Syrian oil with the help of separatist Kurdish SDF militias in the northeastern regions of the country and burning Syrian wheat fields when it nears harvest.

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