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30 Buses Entered Service in Damascus out of the 100 Gifted by China

Damascus Public Transport puts 30 buses in service نقل دمشق تضع 30 باصاً جديداً بالخدمة

Damascus Public Transport started operating 30 buses on its three vital arteries inside the city, the buses are part of the 100 buses Syria received as a gift from the Republic of China late last month.

The Director of the Public Transportation service in Syria, Moris Haddad, told the Syrian news agency SANA that all logistics for operating the buses were concluded including vehicle registration with the traffic authorities, rationing of fuel, insurance coverage, and the training of 60 drivers who would drive the buses in two shifts.

Bab Touma (eastern Damascus) – President’s Bridge (Downtown) route received 11 buses, another 11 buses were put to service the Southern Highway Ring, and the rest were put to service the Zahira – Al Hamidiya (Old Bazaar – Downtown) route, these three arteries go through many neighborhoods within the Syrian capital Damascus.

Public transportation vehicles of all sorts and everything that the Syrians used in their lives was primary targets of the ‘freedom fighters’ sponsored by the ‘Collective West’ in the US-led plot dubbed Arab Spring, many of the buses were packed with explosives and were driven by anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists and detonated in public facilities, others were dismantled and used to make bombs, and many drivers were lynched under the name of ‘spreading democracy’ in Syria during the past 11 years.

China delivered 100 buses late last month June as part of its continuous humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, these were added to the 100 buses received from China 3 years earlier, the Chinese people help support the lives of the Syrian people while the citizens and taxpayers of every western country support terrorists who take out the lives of the Syrian people under fake slogans of spreading democracy and freedoms.

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