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27 US-Sponsored Terrorists Surrender to the SAA from Tanf Area

US and ISIS affiliated Maghawir Thawra Terrorists - Tanf and Rukban

The Syrian security forces managed to arrange a complicated military and intelligence operation allowing 27 terrorists from the Maghawir Thawra group in Tanf to flee the US-controlled base and surrender to the Syrian Arab Army.

Maghawir Thawra is a group the US created and sponsors and is affiliated with ISIS, its members often brag about their new gears they keep receiving from the US forces illegally present in a makeshift US military base the Tanf border area. This area is in the furthest southeast region of Syria bordering both Jordan and Iraq.

The US Tanf illegal military base and the Maghawir Thawra group hold hostage dozens of Syrian families in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp in very miserable conditions. Many members of these families are forced to join the ISIS-affiliated group in exchange for food for their families.

Suffering of Displaced Syrians in the Rukban Concentration Camp
Suffering of Displaced Syrians in the Rukban Concentration Camp: Watch interviews with escaped civilians

Maghawir Thawra with its US military supporters were also responsible for numerous attacks by ISIS against rural villages in Sweida province, south of Syria, and in the Tadmor (Palmyra) region in the eastern countryside of Homs province. ISIS terrorists use the cover provided by their affiliates in both Maghawir Thawra and the Trump forces to attack and retreat where the US keeps a ‘safe zone’ of 55 square kilometers to protect its terrorists from the Syrian Arab Army.

One of the most heinous massacres committed by the ISIS terrorists with cover from their Maghawir Thawra and Trump forces affiliates was carried on July 25th, 2018 against a number of remote villages in the east of Sweida province which resulted in the killings of 215 civilians and the kidnap of 27 women and children. The SAA managed to free 19 of the women and children in a ‘very sophisticated intelligence operation’ later in early November of the same year.

Watch as one of the Maghawir Thawra terrorists show off the ‘gift’ they received from the US people, you can stop wondering why the US healthcare system collapsed in the face of Coronavirus when you see where the US government prioritizes its spending of US taxpayers’ dollars:

ISIS-affiliated Maghawir Thawra terrorists brag about the US gift they received

The group that escaped from the ISIS-affiliated US-sponsored Maghawir Thawra terrorists brought with them Eight 4 x 4 vehicles, 5 machine guns, advanced telecommunication devices, RPG propellers, snipers, assorted grenades, and night vision goggles.

Instantly, the US-sponsored militias accused the head of the defected group of trafficking drugs, an accusation that was never mentioned when the group was working with the Trump forces.

The escape operation took over a few months of preparations due to the very advanced surveillance and monitoring equipment provided by the US military and its assorted ‘intelligence’ agencies.

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