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230 AlQaeda Militants Eliminated in Qalamon in One Shot

SAA Unit Operating a Machine Gun in Qalamon

When the Obama regime sends millions of US dollars worth advanced drones to kill a US citizen across the planet without trial the mainstream media & western people praises him, when the SAA kills tens of foreign radical Al-Qaeda Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists inside Syria, this never get noticed.

That what happened when Obama killed Anwar Awlaki and his young child, and this what happened when the Syrian Arab Army killed at least 230 terrorists from Nusra Front, the Levant version of Alqaeda, in an ambush near Nabk city north of Damascus last week.

Talfita town in Qalamon near the Lebanese borders, liberated by SAA on 15 October 2013

After the preemptive military operation carried out by the SAA in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside on 19 August 2013, just 2 days before the ‘chemical craze’, the operation which secured the failure of the ‘liberation of Damascus’ from its people and ended with killing more than 4,500 terrorists out of the total of 6,500 highly trained by CIA suicide freedom fighters, after this preemptive operation and after the realization of the Obama regime and their stooges that there won’t be any military strike against Syria to aid the leftover terrorists in the countryside, herds of the terrorists flocked to the Qalamon area in strongholds fortified by the rough mountainous area and linked with the Lebanese concentrations of Al-Qaeda, namely Arsal on the other side of the mountains.

Syrian Armed Forces which left a corridor as usual for terrorists to escape hoping some of them might change their mind and drop their quest for 72 virgins, kept a watchful eye on the terrorists fleeing, and followed their footsteps. The noose was tightened on the terrorists in Qalamon and squeezed on them in Yabroud, one of the cities known for its thriving smuggling business between Syria and Lebanon, and one of the first towns to aid the terrorists against the Syrian state. A very active SAA checkpoint is set on the Damascus-Homs international highway near the town of Nabk, and on a certain day with a firm plan, the checkpoint was moved, a large group of terrorists not less than 300 took the bait and tried to cross the road near Taybah restaurant.

Trying to stay low, the highly trained AlQaeda militants hid in a semi-natural trench awaiting the right time to cross into Nabk city on the other side of the road just to meet their end of their filthy life at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army men. Not less than 230 Wahhabi Jihadists were eliminated immediately, some put the figure at 250, and the rest were crippled, literally.

Western mainstream media might have included the killed terrorists in the toll of ‘civilians killed by the regime’ they keep a record of, I’m not sure whether they did count them, but our sources confirm the operation and crossed with sources from locals, the blow was so severe that the terrorists leftovers are trying to flee Yabroud to the outskirts of Dayr Attiyeh near the hills in groups of 2 or 3 maximum to evade their inevitable death.

SAA Unit Operating a Machine Gun in Qalamon
SAA Unit Operating a Machine Gun in Qalamon Mountain

SAA, the Syrian Arab Army definitely deserves a world’s prize more worthy than the Nobel Peace Prize for its hard work in cleaning our planet from its ever filthiest threat against humanity, civilization and future, and ending the presence of such filth in the tens of thousands not in individuals like the operations carried out by the world’s biggest armies.


    • Arabi Souri

      You want to see the bodies? Go there and check them. Or easier, ask your mainstream media what happened to the 125,000 terrorists smuggled into Syria since March 2011 through Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel and how come the UN said only 40,000 of them are left? Then you might realize who’s delusional.

  1. Tom Skylark

    Iranian commanders leading Syrian soldiers into battle has entrenched Assad deeply into Iran’s clutches so when Israel launches an attack upon Iranian nuclear sites, Iranian commanders in Syria are likely to launch missles upon Israel. Iran won’t mind sacrificing Damascus (Isaiah 17:1 & Isaiah 17:14) Damascus is not an Iranian city.

  2. Israellover

    All the supporters of Iran and Asad al Fucker.
    Just keep dreaming of bombing the israel bcz some dreams never come true.
    Israel is the country which is enough to teach u strong lesson if it comes of retaliating against any kind of attack from either fucking hizbullah or idiotic iran.
    For many years palestinians have been stuggling to defeat the great israel but it couldn’t happen.
    Ha Ha Ha.
    No body can defeat the great israel bcz we are the best people in the world with best will power to
    survive and thrive.

    • Arabi Souri

      15 Hizbullah fighters when they cross the borders: half a million Zionists will leave back to Poland, 1 million Zionist settler will leave back to New York, 1 million Zionist settler will leave back to Russia, the others will go underground.
      I guess you forgot the Iron ‘Doomed’ didn’t stop Palestinian handmade rockets, so there’s no chance for you to stand SAA rockets. Inside Syria, the SAA is fighting in its own land suicide terrorists who are going into and around the houses of Syrian people, in your colonies, there’s no obstacles. Men of God will have a hunting spree there.

  3. Tom Skylark

    Pope Francis is the evil one. He knows Roman Catholic priests are being beheaded in Syria, he knows little Roman Catholic girls are being raped and beheaded in Syria, he knows Roman Catholic churches in Syria and Coptic churches in Egypt are being burned down yet he welcomes Moslem immigrants into Italy when the Italians are expericing their highest unemployment rates ever.

    Christians are suppose to embrace Jesus Christ John 3:16 yet pope Frances goes around the world wanting people to worship Mary who offers no salvation or keys to eternal life. Mary worship is one factor in the grand delusion. (2 Thessalonians 2:9-11)

    The prophet John on the island of Patmos sent a coded word to the Christians while he was prisoner of the Roman soldiers he could not say Rome directly for fear the Romans would destroy his message if intercepted. Here is his message.

    And the woman (Mary) thou sawest is the great city (Rome) which reigneth over the kings of the earth. (Revelation 17:18) Some 1.2 Billion+ Roman Catholics and the world leaders do bow before the pope.

    The second part of the message. “Come out of her (Mary’s church)my people partake ye not in her sins and receive not her plagues”.

    Pope Frances with his Immaculate Heart and Fatima Message to Russia’s leader Putin is trying to lure Russian people into the Roman Catholic Church.

    The Vatican will use Russia Gog’s forces until they are destroyed upon the mountains of Israel. (Ezekiel 39:1-4) Then the Vatican will offer Israel a false peace where Israel can rebuild its temple on the Temple Mount but the person bringing the peace is evil for by peace he shall destroy many. Daniel 8:24-25. Bible believing Christians call the world’s peace maker the anti-Christ who makes a 7 year peace treaty and lets Israel rebuild its temple but the last 3.5 years or 42 months Revelation 13:5 the anti-Christ will enter the temple 2 Thessalonians 2:4 and blasphemy God until Jesus Christ returns after 7 years and destroys all nations at Armageddon. (Zechariah 14:2-9, Revelation 16:12-16 & Revelation 19:11-20:4) Then there will finally be peace on earth for 1,000 years when the Lord Jesus Christ reigns in Jerusalem.

    Pope Frances may call the Moslems his brothers and Frances says the Moslems worship the same god through Abraham and pope Frances even shakes the hand of the terrorist Abbas who financed the Palestinian terrorists who killed 11 Israeli athletes in Munich but pope Frances false Christianity will be destroyed by Jesus Christ one day when he destroys all the forces of Rome at Armageddon. John 3:16 states you only have to believe in Jesus Christ. You don’t need the Vatican dictatorship, the corrupt pope or the corrupt priesthood to save you.

  4. Syrian

    I know one thing ,that the civilization was borne by human , the animals are more power
    but it is impossible to create culture , the animal even if created by huge animal power , the civilization is totally not exist , it is easy to be criminal but human is difficult you must human to understand this , today USA lost the cover of culture that was covered & show the real teeth ,but also Europe , We are very sorry that the mask of civilization was false , I think that the loose of west culture is huge it was better to fight an animal at least to keep their icon for the cheated millions of the west culture ,& you know that this is uncovered subject , all allies are thinking to be safe but not by false society , this means total economic destruction .
    for those who are speaking about huge power this people are psychotic they must be treated because we was born to be happy of the human goodness not badness ( SYRIAN people are the cradle of civilization -you must protect that not to create miserable animals to kill people their ),we hope Jesus to Brightens your minds.
    Did the Armenian Lavrov or the african Obama want to see his babies killed or lacerate like this as all UN support .


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