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2 Explosions Rock Lebanon’s Tripoli

Tripoli Explosion

After Friday prayers 2 huge explosions rocked the northern city of Tripoli in Lebanon. Initial reports speak of casualties, rescue and army teams hurled to the sites of the explosions.

The first explosion occurred in front of or inside Al-Taqwa Mosque inside the city, the second took place in front of or inside Al-Salam Mosque in the port area, it’s close to the Lebanese care taker Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s house. Still awaiting further details.

Israel is definitely behind the 2 explosions, investigations would only prove which tool it used this time, whether direct involvement like the attack its terrorist IDF forces carried out in the dawn hours of this same day in Nahmah area south of Beirut, or used the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Jihadists active in the region like the Nusra Front operating under Al Qaeda & FSA, Fateh Islam or another group.

Tripoli Explosion
An image posted by Lebanese Elnashra website of the explosion in Tripoli

Hizbullah’s chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned after last week’s car explosion in Beirut’s southern suburb, known as Dhahiyeh, that he fears some explosions take place in Sunni dominated areas to inflict sectarian strife in the country that is still ruled by the warlords who were fighting in the 1975 – 1992 civil war. These explosions work in that direction but Wahhabi driven Salafists proved to be immune to normal thinking let alone critical thinking at times of Fitna (sectarian strife).

We pray the Lebanese Army takes thing under control and stop wasting time, arrest the heads of Al Qaeda in Lebanon and those supporting them.

Tripoli is known to be the hotbed of Al Qaeda in Lebanon where political powers from the pro-Saudi 14 March movement including Future Party led by former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri were hosting and financing such groups to use them against Syria and against Hizbullah and against any of Israel’s opponents in the country or around.

Thousands of ‘freedom fighters’ were sent from and via Tripoli into Syria, shipments of weapons were sent into Syria via Tripoli’s port. You raise a ghoul it eats you, there’s no news in this.

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