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16 HTS Terrorists Killed and Injured in a Weapons Depot Explosion in Salqin

Salqin Idlib al Qaeda Levant Nusra Front HTS ammunition depot explosion

An explosion in an ammunition and weapons depot in the city of Salqin in Idlib’s northern countryside killed and injured 16 terrorists of the HTS and injured 6 civilians including two children.

The explosion happened in a factory for plastic industries near the vegetable market in the city turned into a weapons makeshift factory and depot by terrorists of the HTS aka Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front, an Erdogan’s anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radical group.

A medical source in the city of Salqin told the Russian Sputnik news agency that the terrorist bodies and injured ones had severe burns all over their bodies suggesting they were exposed to highly flammable material in the warehouse building.

HTS has consolidated its control over the last stronghold of al Qaeda in Syria in the Idlib province and western and Aleppo’s western and northern countryside after it swallowed most of the other factions, save a few used to distance the regime of the Turkish madman, Erdogan, from the consequences of their acts against foes and against the Russian military units operating in the province.

HTS, in addition to all its variant names, is on the United Nations Security Council list of terrorist organizations, it’s also on similar lists in most of NATO member states, however, since they operate in Syria and against the Syrian people, those same NATO member states not only turn a blind eye to the crimes committed by these terrorists, they fund and arm them and offer western mainstream media outlets to whitewash their crimes while demonizing their victims. NATO member states and the body of the European Union, however, still insists on not designating the notorious propaganda arm of the HTS known as the White Helmets in any list of terrorists despite the overwhelming evidence over the years of their crimes against humanity in Syria.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They fight among each other our civilians get killed and injured, they recruit for their wars from our civilians by brainwashing and by intimidating, they store weapons and munition and our civilians get killed and injured, yet they are sponsored by the fake humanitarian criminal westerners.

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